The Important of Education To Filipino People

  • 2019/03/26/
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In the Philippines, one of the most important to the life of every Filipino is the education of every child in the family. Education is one thing that cannot get from us. It is a very important factor in the life of every Filipino for them to succeed and have a better future ahead. It is also one of the priorities of Filipino to give the best education to their children. Parents sacrifice their personal needs just to send their children to a better school if possible and if they can afford the tuition fees and all the expenses. They work hard just to give their children a better future. Filipino believe that the only things that they can give to their children are the best education that no one can take away from them.

Education in the Philippines


Education is the key to success that is why Filipino parent motivates their children to finish college and be educated. In the Philippines, education is one of the priorities of every Filipino. Education in the Philippines was improved and have a high quality of learning skills. The Philippine government focus to give a higher quality of education around the country. From private schools to public schools they make sure that students would learn after the end of each year.

Education before has a formal and non-formal system. The education with a formal system is formed by the span of 14 years it means 6 years in elementary, 4 years in high school, and 4 years in college. Schooling before starts at the ages of 7 years old. However, at present the system in education today has a lot of change. The education today has a K12 program that the Department of Education approved. And the children now can start their schooling at the age of 4years old before they can accept to primary school or elementary school. There is also a big change in the span or length of school years compared to before. And because of modern technology, education now has many changes in many aspects like the way of teaching, the length of years in schooling, the curriculum and academic subject, and now they’re also vocational learning for a short length of time.

Filipino has a strong belief that every child should be educated. They should know how important education to them. It is an advantage for young Filipino to finish their education to get a better job and a better future ahead. Education can give people knowledge, skills, confidence, competency, structure, and can improve your mind to become sharp. It really helps to every people not only to Filipino but to the whole world to understand each other if we have a good education in our country. Giving a good education is one of the great feelings of Filipino parents knowing that they can give the best for their children. Because they know that only education is the best thing that they can give to their children that no one can take it away to them.

Why Education is Important to Filipino People


The best thing that you can inherit from your parents is giving you a good education. Because education cannot take away from you even the most powerful person in the world or the most richer person in the world cannot take away your education from you. If you finish school and have a degree you can have the confidence to stand alone, to face the world with dignity, and to achieve your goals in life. It is easy to find jobs if you are a degree holder and you are educated. Being educated make you a better person and can put you in a better place of living. That’s why for all Filipinos, education is the most important factor in their life. It is a legacy that they can pass from generation to generation that cannot separate from them. Filipino parents are very supportive of their children in terms of the education of their children. They will do everything just to make sure that they can send their children to school and finish their college-level or become college graduates. They believe that the best thing that their children will give back to them is a diploma or their degree holder.

The standards of education in the Philippines are now in a modern way of teaching. But somehow children now are more focused on using modern technology to help them in school activities and projects. Filipino parents encourage their children to study hard and be a good student inside the school and be a good citizen outside the school. In that teaching, they will appreciate how important to have an education and how to be a good person in their growing up.

Being educated is one of the most important in the life of every people at this present time. Because education plays a big role in the society and it gives knowledge and information if you are educated enough. Learning is non stop. From the day you were born until your last breath you still learning things and discover things that you don’t know. That is why education is very important to the life of every Filipino, teaching them to read and to write is one of the major important so that they will communicate to everyone if they know how to read and to write first.

Filipino parent’s obligation is to give the best education to their children, while the children’s responsibility is to study hard and give the best that they can in school. To learn and to developed their skills and to be educated and have knowledge and information in everything they learn. Education is one of the aspects in the life of Filipino it may not be complete to every family if they cannot send their children to school. Because they believe that education for their children is very important than buying them the expensive things they want in life. Child development is based on how their parents took care of them and also the school has a big factor in how children develop their mind.

Some Problem of Filipino Parent for the Education of their Children

  • Lack of finances to support their children in sending them to the school
  • Poverty
  • Health problems
  • Drugs issue
  • Children are not interested in going to school
  • And the  most problem of the parents is the lack of financial support from the government
  • Some problem is the school fees and other payment that cannot afford to pay in the school
  • Parents have no permanent income that is why they cannot send their children to the school

How Filipino Parent Involve in the Education of their Children


Filipino parent is very eager to help their children in terms of their education. They are so much involved in helping their children in academics school, attending school activities, monitoring their children’s homework, teaching them to behave inside the classroom, and providing their children needs when going to school. Filipino parents especially the mother took everything such us attending PTA meetings in the school of their children, preparing food for their children’s lunch and snack, preparing their children’s uniform and things that needed in going to the school. The mother has a lot of involvement in their children’s education they make sure that everything is in order and in the proper place so that they can take good care of their children and the needs of the whole family. The Filipino father is the one who really gives moral support to their wife for taking care of their children in school and outside the school.
In the Philippines, the parents are very supportive of their children’s education. Even if they are poor and have a low income they make sure that they will send their children to school and give them moral support even if they don’t have much money to give to their children. Their presence is enough and their love. Parenting is very important in the Philippines society because Filipino believes that family is the center of everything. Filipino family is very supportive of their children’s learning needs.

Here are some example of parental involvement with their children

1.  The parent is involved in assisting their children homework
2.  Parents also participate the school activities and family time activities in their children school
3. Parents also engage and help the teachers with the behavior of their children
4. Parents and teacher must have better communication related to the teacher of their children
5. Parents should also report the outcome of the attitude of their children outside the school


In the Philippines, Filipino people are very eager to learn and to develop more of their skills and talent. They won’t stop until they reach their goal. This is also the mindset of Filipino parents to their children. They do everything just to make sure that their children will go to school and be the best student if ever. Filipino parents face many challenges in raising their children however they still forget that education is best for their children for a better future. Education is still the number one priority of Filipino, it is very important that every child is learning inside the school and have knowledge in dealing with people with the right conduct and values. The Philippines ‘ major concern is to give every young Filipino a good and high quality of education. That every child will be treated equally inside the classroom in the school. They must learn and be smart when they grow up to be able to achieve their dreams in the future. Filipino parents and school teachers should be working hand in hand in preparing the children spiritually, socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually so that the children will be able to be responsible and learn how to be a good citizens of the nation.