The Life of a Call Center Agent in the Philippines

  • 2019/07/03/
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In the Philippines, one of the most in-demand jobs is call center. It welcomes all new graduates and even those who have no work experience to call center industries. Most newly graduate now apply at call center company because of it easy for them to hire even if they have no work experience and they want to try to work at the night shift. At present, the Philippines is one of the largest call center industry in the world. Many Filipino adjust their time just to work in the call center and put their dreams to become what they want when they start working in a call center. They become familiar with the job they have and enjoy the time of being awake at night and sleep in the morning.

What is Call Center in the Philippines

Call center starts in the Philippines as a provider of basic services like emails and services in management. Call center helps Filipino people to develop their skills, especially in English communication. The call center industry in the Philippines also attracts foreign investor and private sector also. Call center serves all types of customer relation, technical support, education, customers care, and online business support. Business process outsourcing or BPO is now one of the leading outsourcing industry in the Philippines. It contributes a lot to the development of the Philippines industry and helps Filipino people to employ.

The Philippines is one of the best locations for foreign investment. The labor and the cost of building a company can save much money compared to other countries.  Call center in the Philippines has two types. The outbound calls and the inbound calls.

  • The Outbound Call. It consists of sales verification, customers services, collections, survey, and telemarking.
  • The Inbound call. It consists of inquiries, technical support, sales, verification, and a lot of various customer care.

This subsector of BPO stays longer now because we live in modern technology that most things we use are depending on one click or one call away.  The call center at this present is now popular in the Philippines. It gives a high quality of workforce to Filipino people and it also helps to develop the English speaking of Filipino fluently.

What is the Life of a Call Center

Mostly if we say call center Filipino thinking is that it is usually at night shift schedule. Because it is managed by the foreign sector and some main office was usually outside the country.

  1. The life of working as a call center agent is that everyone sleeps while you still awake and working.
  2. You will sacrifice family time because of the workload and schedule you have.
  3. However, working as a call center agent can pay you more rather than other regular jobs.
  4. Working in a multinational call center can have high-end facilities that you can enjoy.
  5. A call center agent needs to adjust here time to survive a shifting schedule like from day time to night time for a month.
  6. Working as a call center agent has so much pressure. Competitive always there and you need to be more focus and alert on your designated workload so that you always on the top.
  7. Also, the life of a call center agent isn’t as easy as other private employees who work on a regular time basis. Call center agent has a complex life that needs to take one day at a time. They need to balance their work and their daily life because of their different time of work schedule.
  8. A call center agent also needs to be more patient if they have a client that is very demanding all they do is to understand the customer’s request and explained to them if possible their request if not granted.
  9. The life of a call center was physically exhausting, emotionally hard, and sometimes it’s mentally challenging.
  10. Call center agent is a very challenging job. They always a standard for your work performance for the month so you will need to do your best every time.
  11. A call center life after work is exhausted and sleepless. Some of them take a break after work to have a drink, not coffee but drink with alcohol just to sleep right away when they got home in the morning.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Working as a Call Center


There are many advantages to working as a call center in the Philippines. One of these is the benefits that the company gives to its employees. Like health care cards to make sure that all employees have an annual checkup and their health always comes first because of the different schedule routine. They also government benefits like SSS, Pag-ibig, and Philhealth to all employees this actually is for all Filipino who works. Also, the advantage of working at the call center is that they offer a higher salary in a different level position and is also based on the quality and experience of their work. Another call center company gives meal allowance, clothing, and transportation aside from their salary. Some call center agent receives the amount of fifteen thousand pesos every month take-home pay. Some company also give incentives and commission to their best employee and based on the number they deal or they close for that day.

Another advantage of working at the call center is that you will not rush every day to go to work because of the traffic everyday especially when your work hours are night shift. Not like other regular employees who always experience the rush hour traffic every day. There is also no dress code in working as a call center. They go to work with casual wear only and they can wear any types of shoes in the company.

In the Philippines, most call center company are managed by foreign international and all accounts are multinational companies. Working with big companies has a lot of offer to all Filipino workers who work for them. They offer all their employees to use some prestigious equipment like gyms, game rooms, sleeping quarters and also a recreation room for all employees who want to take a nap during their break time. They also offer pantries that have free drinks like coffee and chocolate. The call center also gives equal treatment or chances to everyone who wants to work with them. Everyone can apply even if you are older not like other company that they have minimum ages. They also even don’t bother your educational background as long as you can speak and communicate in English fluently. Working with the call center you could meet different kinds of a person from younger to an older one. Most of all a call center company don’t look on the applicant with a higher diploma but they care more about to the person with a much capability to perform well and do well in their company than look at the educational background of the employee even if she or he is young or on their retirement ages.


Working as a call center in the Philippines has also some disadvantage. Some of this is your working time, you will experience working at night while others sleep. So your time for your family will suffer and also your sleeping time will also suffer. Rest day also not the same rest day of all employees who work on a regular day. If you are working at a call center stress is everywhere. Working in a call center means a lot to every call center agent, it suffers their time with their family and their nightlife will become zero because of the night time work schedule. The life of a call center has also disadvantage with their health condition. Some of them may suffer from a sleep disorder because of the different changes in their work schedule.

Also one of the disadvantages of working as a call center agent sometimes monotonous. For call center agent, the most difficult things are working at the graveyard shift even if they have additional payment for them. They need to adjust their body language and their body function just to sleep by day and work at night. Some of a call center agent have their social life in the morning after work there is an individual who enjoys drinking alcohol with their officemate as early in the morning. For them, it helps their body to sleep easily when they got home. Sometimes the life of a call center agent may fall into temptation with their co-employees because of the work schedule that they have the same time. They don’t realize it until they fall them into a deeper relationship even if they have their own family.

The Important Quality of a Call Center in the Philippines

  1. The Filipino call center agent has a lot of patience to give to their customers or client. It is needed for every individual to have a lot of patience to succeed in their everyday life as a call center agent. They have many customers or client that will challenge their patience and will trigger their work attitude. So every person or worker that work in a call center must have a lot of patience in their self to maintain and guard their hearts into trouble.
  2. A call center who work in the Philippines requires to be more flexible and can easily adapt to the workload or work schedule. They should be able and willing to assign to a different team or in a different place if they accept to work in a call center agent.
  3. Being organized is also one important factor of a call center agent. It helps you to do your task and making your deadline as soon as possible if you are delegated to your work and efficient in your schedule and duties.
  4. Also, the important quality of a call center is knowledge. Knowledge is important to factor in everything we do especially working in a call center in the Philippines. You must know all the information about what your client to help their needs and concern. Knowledge and skills are important to be able to give correct details and information to your client or customers.
  5. The important factor to be a call center agent is you must be an effective communicator. A good communicator can deliver a good and clear message to the client or customers. Communication is not just easy if you don’t speak clearly and able to talk fluently in English. That is why a lot of foreign company inc=vest here in the Philippines because Filipino is a good communicator and can speak English fluently.


In the Philippines, the life of a call center agent has many challenges and much stressful than others who work in a private company. However, a call center agent requires a lot of patience, perseverance and hard work like others who work in a regular company. But a call center life is much different compared to others because their work schedule is mostly for a graveyard that most Filipino who works as a call center still adjust. Their nightlife will become morning social life and their sleep routine would definitely different compared to their housemates or their family members.