The Life of Filipino Soldiers in the Philippines

  • 2019/09/16/
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In the Philippines, there are many Filipino soldiers who gave their lives just to make sure that they can protect their country. Filipino soldier has a very difficult life compare to ordinary Filipino. They give their life to be a good soldier and to give peace to the country. Being a soldier and serving the Philippines is very stressful for all Filipino soldier. At present soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, have been trained well and committing themselves to serve better and giving their heart to protect Filipino people. Serving our country is not as easy at it is it requires hard work, dedication, and a heart to serve the Filipino citizen.

How to be a Soldier in the Philippines

Being a soldier in the Philippines are entitled to all the benefits that the government give to all government employees. However, a lot of Filipino soldier has a lot of sacrifice than any other government position.

Here is some basic requirement to become a soldier in the Philippines:

  1. First, you must be born in the Philippines and you are a natural Filipino
  2. You must be a college graduate with a bachelor degree
  3. You also must be at the age of 21 to 29 years before you can be a soldier in the Philippines
  4. You must be physically fit and emotionally ready and psychological fit before entering the military service
  5. You also must have a good moral character
  6. With the height of 5″0 ft. with not more than 6’4 for male and female
  7. You must pass the pre-written examination and physical and medical exam test conducted in the Philippine military

Filipino soldier has also many different types of service

  • Philippine National Police (PNP
  • Armed Force of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSA
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines AFP
  • Philippine Army
  • Philippine Navy
  • Philippine Air force
  • Philippine Military Academy
  • Department of National Defense
  • Philippine Coast Guard
  • National Intelligence Coordinating
  • New Peoples Army

Advantage of Being A Filipino Soldier

At present Filipino soldier under the administration of President Duterte has increased their salary. The president of the Philippines acknowledges the perseverance and the loyalty and effort of every Filipino soldier that is why He pay double of the salary of our soldier who is willing to die and protect for the country. President Duterte also gives full support to that Filipino soldier who died in the time of services and give the family of the soldier free medical health, social service, and education for the children of that soldier who have children. They also establish a new system of retirement and separation of Filipino military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

  • One of the advantages, when you are in the military in the Philippines, is that you have a free medical expense.
  • You will be rewarded for the hard work you’ve done to the country.
  • The compensation as a military in the Philippines is more okay done work in the private company.
  • Free uniforms, allowance and also more opportunities for the promotion and serving people in the right track.
  • You will be disciplined and meet a different kind of people every now and then depend on the place of work you will place
  • They’re also housing benefits for all soldier who work in the government for so many years
  • Filipino soldier has changed their life once they enter the military services they become a discipline military soldier that can protect the people anytime and anywhere.
  • If a soldier will be wounded they receive 50,000 pesos assistance for a minor injury and 1Million pesos for major injuries of the soldier.
  • They also have a pension when the time of their retirement ages.

The Life of Filipino Soldier

Once you enter the military service you must be wholehearted to follow orders of people ahead of you or your command officer. You know who you serve and who you protect once you choose to become a government soldier of the Philippines. Filipino soldier has a big heart to all their fellowmen and countrymen. They give their life just to protect the country and serve the people. They help people not only for wars but also those in times of need. They don’t even stay longer in their family because of their workload and their priorities are the safety of the country and the Filipino people. Filipino soldier has integrity in serving Filipino people.

The life of a Filipino soldier after graduation is very exhausted and stressful but rewarding. It is really hard for them to do training exercise every day and live far away to their family and loved ones. There are several training grounds for them to past and become a soldier in the Philippines. They trained to become the most combat experience soldier not only in the Philippines but in Asia. Filipino soldier is fighting their battles to make peaceful harmony, especially in Marawi City. If there are many advantages to become a Filipino soldier ther are also a lot of disadvantage for them especially that soldier who have their own family. They leave their family and children to serve the country without hesitation and go for many months and stay in a different city just to make sure that that they will do their duties and responsibilities and they follow the command orders of their officer in charge. Even on the special occasion of their family members and love once they cannot just be there and attend because of their responsibilities and duties of being a soldier. Filipino soldier risks their life to fight all person who has bad intention to the country. They risk everything like their life, their future, their family welfare just to be sure that all Filipino was safe from bad people around them. Filipino soldier has no time for their family because of their duty being a soldier of the Philippines.

To be a breadwinner in your family and to become a soldier in the Philipines is a big responsibility in the life of Filipino. You will work hard for you to give the needs of your family at the same time give your life to your chosen career and that is to serve the Filipino and to the country. However, every soldier has a great failure in their life and for them being a soldier and serving Filipino people can boost their confidence and can give many opportunities to show people how they really want to protect the country and serve Filipino people with all their hurt and their soul that they can give their life to have peace in the country. For them to become a full-fledged soldier of the Philippines is a fulfilling job. Their family and loves ones are very proud of them knowing that they are can give their 100 percent loyalty to the country and they can maintain peace and order and stability in our country.


The Filipino soldier is one that protects the Philippines and the help the peace and order of the country. For Filipino women who married a Filipino soldier, they think that marrying them can give them peace and happiness to the family, but the truth is marrying a Filipino soldier is hard and a lot of challenges. You will be together at first but when the call of duty is on their hands they fly and leave you just to do their duty in the country. You will learn and understand that every soldier has a responsibility to our country and to the Filipino people they devoted their lives to protect and make peace at every place they were. Despite the modern technology we have right now it really not give you the satisfaction of seeing your partner only in cellphone and not be with you beside you and holding you. Marrying a soldier will open your eyes and heart into many things especially the safety of your partner or your loved ones that serving the Philipines. Being a soldier was exposed to many dangerous things and encounter many kinds of trouble and bad things. Their everyday life is not like us with peace and harmony in our life. Their life is always in difficult circumstances and always assigned in faraway places that you cannot have time to visit your family and loved ones.

Our Filipino soldier is worth praising because of their good deeds to our country and to all Filipino people. Even if they want to give up their career as a soldier in the Philippines they still want to serve the country. Some Filipino soldier resigned and chose to become an ordinary citizen because of the experience inside the camp. They always feel homesick when they =have a family of their own and not seeing their children for so long so many of them already give up their profession and chose to work in the company or have their own business for the start. If you have a Filipino soldier you should always be firm and consistent in everything. You will accept the fact that they have more time in their duty as a  soldier rather than a father in the family.