The Qualities of Filipino That Most Foreigner Admire

  • 2019/08/23/
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Filipino is very attractive to foreign people maybe because Filipino people are unique in character and in the way they carry themselves. Filipino people are bond with love of family and for them, the family is one of the important factors in their life. In the Philippines, the vales and tradition of Filipino is one that most Foreign people like with. Most foreigners believe that Filipino has natural beauty. They are very admirable because Filipino is compassionate and very happy to be with a dull moment when they are around.

What are the Qualities of Filipino

Most Filipino have their own qualities that people like them and admire them. However, in the Philippines, a lot of foreign people love Filipino’s because of their good qualities and their good attitudes. The Filipino is very proud of being a Filipino, the values and tradition that  Filipino have are one of the best parts of being a true Filipino with the heart of being a hard-working and with honest intention. Filipino with their own qualities attract many Foreign people they are very resilience and have determination on what they really want to be to become successful in life.

Here are some qualities of Filipino

  • Filipino are very fun to be with. Filipino have a heart to every people they encounter they always show the smile on their face even in a difficult time of their life.
  • Filipino is family-oriented. That is one of the most important qualities of a Filipino they love their family the most. For Filipino, they are a more responsible person and caring person when it comes to their family needs. Every Filipino has a family even if they a small group of a family or a big group of a family they still important for them. Filipino do there best for their family’s better future they not only do it for themselves but for the love of a family.
  • Filipino are very respectful not only to elders but to all people around them. This quality is the one that most foreign people admire to Filipino. Being respectful is one factor of Filipino especially when they are working abroad. They see to it that every person that they meet they give respect because being respectful is the one that is elders teach to all young Filipino it is the sign of being courteous to all people around you.
  • Filipino are grateful. Every person has their own way of giving thanks to their fellowmen. But for Filipino being grateful is one of their best quality that should inherit with their children. Showing gratitude to people especially the one that helps you is a kind of gesture that most foreign people like. They know that Filipino always say thank you or give gratitude to the things you’ve done in their life until their last breath. Filipino are showing their kindness to hose people who do good to them and if they can help a person they are willing to give thanks on doing it as a sign of favor that they receive to them.
  • Great communicator. This is one of the best quality that Filipino have and most Foreign people like, they are great in terms of communicating. Filipino is best in speaking and understanding the English language that most Foreign people love them. Not only is speaking the English language but also understanding and speaking other languages. They are easily learning the language of other countries where they go or work with.
  • Hospitality. Most foreign people like Filipino for being hospitable. Filipino traits and attitude are best known for being hospitable, they are very warm and very caring if there are visitors in their house. Most Filipino treat foreign people or their visitor in a very special way. They always make sure to give the best for their visitors and entertain them well with a special meal at the table.
  • Filipino is hard working. In the Philippines, a lot of foreign company are now putting their business here. Because foreign people believe that Filipino is hardworking and fast learners. They admire the Filipino because of their good characteristics and good moral. Filipino is very respectful people. They give respect and they acknowledge that deeds that foreign people did to their life.
  • Filipino is industrious and very constant. This is one of the characters and qualities of Filipino that most foreigners admire. They are very constant on everything and willing to wait for their turn. Filipino is industrious and active.

Why Foreigners Love Filipino And Stay in the Philippines

Many Foreign people love the Philippines compare to other countries that they visited. They love the Philippines because of the beautiful Island that the Philippines have and the beauty of nature. A lot of beautiful destination is here in the Philippines and many foreign people who visited the Philippines almost enjoy their traveled here. Most foreigners love not only the beauty of the Philippines but also the attitude and characteristic of Filipino people. Visiting the Philippines is one of the foreign people love to do. There number list of the countries that want to go to is the Philippines because they know that traveling to the Philippines will not cost too much and Filipino are very easy to talk with because they are good in speaking English.

A lot of foreigners in different countries think that Filipino people are dangerous to tourist people. But when foreign people try to visit and stay in the Philippines they feel the warmth and kindness of the Filipino. That’s the time that is not really true that Filipino is dangerous and bad people. They realize that Filipino is caring and hospitable too. Filipino will not treat you the difference but they will treat you as their real family and friend too. They also see a lot of Filipino smile to them when they visited the Philippines. Foreigners also not feel bored when they stay and travel in the Philippines because there are many things they can do here and many beautiful place and beaches they can go with. They also find that Filipino is very friendly, passionate, and accommodating. One of the reasons why foreigners and tourist people still love to come back and stay in the Philippines because they feel at home staying and leaving in the Philippines. Because for them Filipino is a nice person and very approachable that they did not let you feel alone.

Reason Why They Love To Stay In The Philippines

  • Cost of Living. It is more affordable for visiting the Philippines compare to other countries. From Hotel rooms up to transportation is cheaper than another Asian country. Foreigners love to visit and stay in the Philippines because of the cost of living is not that expensive compared to other countries Foreign people can visit the beauty of the beaches here without struggling on their budgets because it is up to them where they can stay from cheaper to expensive hotels and resort.
  • The beauty of natural wonders. The Philippines has a lot of offer to all foreigners who want to travel here. The beauty of nature and the beauty of the Island of the Philippines is one of the best destinations that Filipino can be proud of. The natural wonders of the Philippines are very beautiful and amazing it is worthy of your time and resources when you try to visit and even stay here in the Philippines.
  • Best Food. In terms of the food, the Philippines have the best food to offer to all foreign people who visited here. Filipino has the best food for all countries like Japanese food, Chinese cuisine, American food, Taiwanese cuisine, and more different kind of food that can offer to all foreigners.
  • Filipino People. One of the reasons why Foreigner love to stay in the Philippines is the people itself. They love to keep coming back because of the attitude and values of the Filipino people. Filipino is beautiful inside and outside. They respect the visitor and treat them well even if they don’t know the person. Foreign people can make good memories not only to the beauty of the Philippines but also to the deeds of Filipino people to them. How they entertain them and how they treat them is one good reason to keep and have friends with Filipino people.


One of the reasons that I can share with Foreigners who would like to visit the Philippines is that Filipino is proud to welcome you in our country. Filipino are very glad and honor to choose the Philippines as one of the best travel countries on your agenda. We as Filipino as a lot offer to all foreigners out there and want to try to come here and travel the beauty of the beaches and the beauty of the nature of the Philippines. Not to mention the values and attitude of all Filipino like being a friendly, smart, good communicator, and have a right attitude of being positive in all circumstances.