The Role of Social Worker in the Philippines

  • 2019/11/26/
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The social worker in the Philipines has a lot of things to work for and has many rules in the welfare of Filipino people. They are a citizen of the Philippines and have a good moral character to be part of a social worker in the country. One of their biggest roles is to develop their mental awareness about the needs of Filipino people. These social worker people have a big heart to all Filipinos who have mental and health problems, they also have an advocacy to act and sustain the needs of older Filipino people to care for them and feed them as long as they can. A social worker is more concern about the poverty of Filipino and they are more willing to help those Filipinos who are poor and be able to give them some help to sustain their needs in their everyday life.

What is a Social Worker?

A social worker is a person with a profession of helping each individual, family, group, and community. Their concerns are to enhance these people well being and to help them develop their skills and ability. A social worker is a very different job or career that many other people have. This kind of work needs a lot of hard work, patience, interest in serving people’s needs, a big heart to those needy. It is a very unique work compare to others.

Social work is a profession that needs academics knowledge like human rights, a principle in social law, assessment, and planning, and they must also have a degree or diploma in Bachelor of Social Service or a post graduated degree of social work. A social worker also must have knowledge in sociology, psychology, political science, public health, community development, law, and economics.

Social workers are people who work in different environments and human service agencies like in the hospital, community development, private practices, settlement houses and a lot more.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Social Worker

  1. Their duties are to help people in  need in the communities
  2. They help children to assist and provide psychological and psychical needs
  3. A social worker also help people with a health problem
  4. Also, their duties are to protect children and families to harmful people
  5. They also help people to improve they’re well being and help them to be strong to face problems in life
  6. They help those people who abuse, neglect, and harm them with people around them
  7. They are the one who responds in terms of a crisis situation
  8. Social worker duties are to help improves the lives of people
  9. They serve people who in need and monitor the improvement of them
  10. They should understand the patience and learn to adjust their emotion on any circumstances
  11. The social worker influence all clients to be cooperative in solving their problems
  12. A social worker also helps their clients to care for their terminal illness and  support them with care and love
  13. They also help the community to strengthen each individual their capability and skill to develop more
  14. Social worker responsibilities  also help women in the difficult problem that they cannot resolve by themselves and need assistance by them
  15. A social worker also helps those street children to have a home and help them feed the children

Importance of Social Workers in the Philippines

A social worker in the Philippines is very important, they are the ones who assist the needs of the Filipino people and help Filipino to the difficult problems that they cannot solve with themselves. They are the most concern to the poor people and the health of those people who really have no capability to buy medicine. They also act as a mediator, a good provider, a good counselor, and give services to those Filipino who are are in need.

The social worker is helping people who are very interested and have a big heart to change people’s lives as individuals, families, and communities. There are many professional social workers in different fields like a psychological, counselor, and public health workers. Their vision and mission are to become one in serving Filipino people to give better and sufficient services as they can. Filipino who serves and work as a social worker have a compassionate heart and very firm in dealing with clients. They must be very effective in giving advice to Filipino clients and to solve problems properly and have time management so that they must avoid burnout and stress afterward.

Social worker importance can help those Filipino children who are sexually abused and mentally tortured by bad people. They are also there to listen to and understand the needs of their clients. A social worker in the Philippines is very important because of the things they help their fellow countrymen. They here to support all people who are really down and nowhere to go. They also push people to develop their social skills to be more open to what they experience even if it is very dramatic and traumatic. That is why they will earn how to help them emotionally and physically. They can also help people to manage their life easier and provide them the means to go on and move on in their life for better.

Kinds of Social Worker in the Philippines

There are many kinds of social workers in the Philippines. The one is a private social worker and the other one is a public social worker. There is also a volunteer social worker who gives free service to all Filipinos in need. To be a social worker needs a lot of training and practices to have knowledge and skills on how or what should people need in their different ways of helping them. There Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Local Government Unit (LGU), and Non-Government Organization (NGO) who help and protect the Filipino people with problem and illness.

  • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Tagalog ” Kagarawan ng Kagalingan at Pagpapaunlad Panlipunan. It is the executive department that protects the rights of the Filipino people. It has a law that implements, develops, and administers the program of social welfare to assist and give help to older Filipino people, children, women, and the youth with there specific needs and problems. The DSWD program and services that give to Filipino people are:
    The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. it is to help and support the health and education of poor Filipino families with children below 18 years old. Sustainable Livelihood Program. It is to improve the program and employment facilitation for the Filipino people. The Disaster Response Operation it is for emergency relief to Filipino people. Protective Service Program is for families, individuals, and communities that have a very difficult situation and for those affected communities.
  • Local Government Unit (LGU). Are services that provide and help Filipinos in their local government units like Barangay, Provinces, and cities in all areas in the Philippines.  Local government has a purpose for all Filipino people its supervise all local units to develop and maintain the peace and order in each barangay and city.
  • Non-Government Organization (NGO). It is a nonprofit organization and voluntarily decide to be part of this organization to help and serve Filipino people. NGO is an independent organization and it is not part of the government organization. Their mission is to care about every Filipino people and the society to push each individual to change for the better and have their goals to look forward to a better future.


Being a social worker here in the Philippines is a very challenging job but somehow it also a very rewarding career. Everything that you need to do or advice to people who need help needs a lot of patience and understanding that these people need love and care. A social worker must be responsible for giving help to every Filipino family, individual, group of people and to society.

Filipinos are very supportive and helpful to those people in need. A lot of social workers at present help people and trying their best to take care and give them the best service they can give to their fellowmen. The demand for social service is now increasing and increasing for Filipino people who really need help in a different area of their life.