The Role of Teachers in The Life of Filipino Student

  • 2019/08/14/
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Every people has a very special memory and experience through their teachers. And in the Philippines Filipino teachers has a big role in the life of every Filipino. Once you get older you will realize how important our teachers in our life. Filipino teachers play a crucial role in the life of their student and in society. We may not notice it but teachers really give their heart and soul just to make sure that their student will learn the right values, develop their skills, and mold the mind of their student into a deeper understanding and raising the student to achieve their goals. Filipino teachers have a heart for every child they not just as teachers but they also act as a parent to every Filipino child.

Teachers in the Philippines

Teachers are one of the most important factors in the life of every people. They are the one that helps our parent to learn and to develop our talent and skills. There are public teachers and private teachers in the Philippines. A public school teacher in the Philippines has a high salary than a private school teacher. However, both teachers even if in private or public teacher has a big heart to all Filipino children to teach them and show them how important education to Filipino. Teachers in the Philippines are professionals that are well trained and have the knowledge to teach and share to the Filipino children.

Public School Teachers. Teachers in public school in the Philippines has many requirements compare in Private school. Here are some requirements of teachers in a public school

  • You must be graduated from the College of Education with a Bachelors Degree of Elementary or Secondary with Certificate in Teaching Profession
  • You must be a License Teacher. You need to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers to become a License teacher
  • It also requires K-12 public school to have a Bachelors degree in teaching.
  • You also have some experience in teaching or must complete an internship to have more experience to become qualified teachers

Private School Teacher. Teachers in the private school teach K-12 classes also. However, teaching in a private school has a low salary compared to public school. It also requires

  • Must be graduated from the College of Education with Bachelors Degree of Elementary r Secondary.
  • Also, some private school required a Licensed teacher but some private school doest require to pass a Licensure Examination for Teacher.
  • Private school teachers  must have credentials and capable to teach to the student without experience

Furthermore, even if you are a teacher in the public or private school still the role of a teacher is very important to all people. Teachers help the student to train, to educate, to write, to communicate, to give ideas, to develop the growth of the child, to teach them what is right and wrong, to guide students in their academics success and to set a good example to Filipino youth. Teacher in the Philippines is more difficult compared to other careers. It is more difficult to especially when applying to be one of the teachers in public school like you just need to:

  1. First, you must graduates in four years course and you must pass on a civil service examination.
  2. You also have a Licensure examination for teachers and have aa transcript of record in your school
  3. Then you must submit your application to the division office directly and you must prepare for interviews.
  4. You also have a demo lesson plan for demonstration. And you must be prepared to face all the master teacher that will evaluate your performance
  5. You also must be good at speaking English Language and spelling, grammar and reading comprehension.
  6. You also need to follow up your application and wait for your ranking before you can teach in the public school.

It is very hard to be a teacher but it is a very rewarding job. Once you become a teacher you forever be a teacher. Even if you’re not teaching anymore every student will still recognize as their teacher and will still call you Maam. They always thank you that you been of their success in life and that’s one of the best feelings that every student of you before will still acknowledge you even if you are not teaching anymore. Teaching is a profession that has a large responsibility and a deeper understanding. You will not teach because it is needed but because it is important. Teaching is one profession that needs a heart on it. It is not just basic teaching to the student but teaching them with a heart, with patience, and with understanding.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Being a Teacher in the Philippines

Being a teacher takes a lot of responsibilities not only to their student but also to the parents of their students. They also need to have a lot of patience when teaching young children. The children do not always behave inside the classroom there always have their time of tantrums and sometimes they did not follow the instruction of their teacher. That is one of the basic disadvantages of being a teacher. However, a teacher with the heart always feels excited and happy when they know that their student has learned from them. They feel confident knowing that their student has become what they really want when they become old. Teacher in the Philippines is the best teacher for all I know because a lot of foreign students came here in the Philippines to studies and learn a lot from their Filipino teacher.

As a teacher, you will experience the good and the bad to all student that you will handle. But the good things is they will love you and treat you as their parent too. Some advantage of being a teacher is that you can have the opportunity to choose the field you want to teach. You can teach from kinder, elementary, high school and college depend on the Degree that you finish. You can teach while catching some units to what you want to teach. Also, the advantage of being a teacher is that if the student has a semestral break the teacher also have it. Not like another career of job in a private company they only have a Holidays and Special Holidays for them to have no work but most of the time they work for Monday until Friday. Another advantage of being a teacher is that your mind is working at the same time. Teaching will not feel you boring if you love that career and there are many different kinds of student you will encounter and many will adore you, respect you, and love as a person because you are the one that mold your student mind to be a better one. When it comes to salary it is also the advantage of a teacher because not all worker have a salary when they are not working. Long summer vacation is one of the advantages of a teacher they still have a complete salary even if they don’t work. They also have no work when classes are suspended during storm signal or heavy rain while an employee who works in a private company have work even if there is a storm signal in their area.

As a teacher, one of the advantages also is that you can have a chance to meet and communicate with different kinds of people. You also have time to be friends with your students and collaborate with them. Being with different kinds of students can make you know them very well and you will also know their different kind of attitudes, values, and likes. You can also bond them and make friends with them for a lifetime. Being a teacher can sometimes give soo much stress and exhausted but in the end, it feels you more rewarding knowing that there are many of them who learn from what you teach and what you share for them. Knowing that all your student will be pass on your subject is very rewarding it means they have learned and they will gain on what you give to them.

Some disadvantage of being a teacher in the Philippines is their salary. They are one of the important factors in our country and this job is not easy for them that is why they need to pay a high salary because some Filipino who graduated as a teacher chooses to work abroad because of the higher salary they can get from working outside the country rather than being a teacher to their country that can offer a low amount of salary. In the Philippines even though there are many Filipino teachers yet still there is a lot of demand in of a teacher because many of Filipino teacher choose to work abroad or choose to work in private company because of the higher offer of the salary. Teacher in the Philippines only gets a higher salary if they stay longer in teaching and have a lot of masters degrees. Teachers have a lot of papers works and continuing learning. It’s a non-stop learning cycle. You can never stop learning new techniques and learning new curriculum because there are a lot of new technologies for teaching methods. So once you become a teacher you will brace with your whole heart and soul so that you will love it and you never regret it and feel bored about it.


In the Philippines, the teacher is one job that is very important to people. We cannot be educated if we don’t have a teacher to teach us and guide us in the right way even if we have parents to teach and guide us we still need teachers in the school for us to be learned and to gain knowledge in everything we encounter in our life. The teacher is there for all of us to teach us to read, to write, to communicate well and to be friends to people in a nice way. Our teachers have a direct impact on our lives and in the future generation. They are there and act as our second parent and they know us better like our parents. Teachers in the Philippines has a big impact especially in the life of the children. I remember my daughter in her kinder days, she adores her teacher and loves her because of the way her teacher does to her. My daughter always mentions her teacher name and saying that she misses her teacher and the way she teaches to her. Her teacher is so nice and loving to her student that why at the very young ages of my daughter she has memories of her teacher in Kinder school.