The Worst Situation That Filipino Experience in Metro Manila

  • 2019/09/30/
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The Philippines is growing so fast. However, at this present time, Filipino who live or visit Metro Manila can experience many worst situations that need to be resolved in the future. Unfortunately, some worst situation that Metro Manila has a big effect on the progress of the economy of the Philippines. If you are visiting the Philippines especially the National Capital Region or NCR you will notice the heavy traffic that you will experience if you pass by the City of Metro Manila. A lot of people complain to the government the traffic that they experience in their everyday travel here in Metro Manila. Filipino living in Metro Manila know how traffic can cause their stress every day going to work, the hectic schedule that they have should need to out in their home at very early so that they can be able to reach the time of their meeting at the exact time. One of the worst situation that a lot of people experience is the traffic in Metro Manila.

What Is Metro Manila?

Metro Manila in the Philippines is the National Capital Region or NCR. National Capital Region is composed of many cities. It consists of 16 cities like San Juan City, Makati City, City of Manila, Marikina City, Malabon City, Pasig City, Mandaluyong City, Las Pinas City, Muntinlupa City, Navotas City, Paranaque City, Pasay City, Valenzuela City, Quezon City, Caloocan City, and Taguig City.

Here in Metro Manila, there are beautiful places that most Filipino visit and beautiful tourist spot for all foreign people. A lot of big building everywhere. That’s is why Metro Manila is one of the largest place in the country. A lot of Filipino want to work, live and travel here in Metro Manila to see all the beautiful travel spots and a lot mall everywhere around the cities. Metro Manila is one of a dream to work for most Filipino who lives in the provinces. For them working in the cities is one big opportunity and a lot of job offers are there. That’s why a lot of Filipino want to live and stay here in Metro Manila. The young Filipino want to see Metro Manila because for them the cities have a big charm to them knowing that most Filipino are going here and live here and have a successful career.

Metro Manila is inspiring to some Filipino, they want to be here and enjoy the beauty inside the cities. However, if Metro Manila is inspiring to some people, a lot of people living and staying here have their own meaning about what is Metro Manila. And for them, Metro Manila is the stressful and irritating place because of some situation that really consumed your time and effort. It is wasted time if you travel from your home to your work and vice-versa because of the heavy traffic that you will encounter with your everyday life. And also if you are born in Metro Manila you will know that this city has a lot of bad people who are living and surviving by doing bad things to people.

Worst Things that People Experience in Metro Manila

There are many negative things that Filipino experience living and staying in Metro Manila. A lot of situation that foreign people experience and their worst things ever for them. The Philippines is unique in many things even if it is bad or good things all are unique and different from other countries. Everywhere has poverty but here in Metro Manila a lot of Filipino live-in poverty because of the poor economy for those poor people. There are places in Metro Manila that a lot of poor people are living they still choose to stay and live in Metro Manila even if they are struggling to in their life and where to find food for their family. Metro Manila is not really a place for older people. Some Filipino who retire from their work leave Metro Manila and plan to stay in the province because the life there is more peaceful and slowly compare here in the city.

However, Filipino still want to live and stay in Metro Manila even if there your life may be at risks and the worst thing happened anywhere you can go. They know that living in Metro Manila now is in modern technology that everything can easy to be done and a lot of beautiful places you can choose to go to even a good restaurant is everywhere. But what makes are older Filipino worried is that living here in Manila is not safe to compare before. You will face many worst things around you and even experience it through yourself.

Top worst things you will experience here in Metro Manila

  1. Traffic is everywhere. Filipino best worst things that they experience is the heavy traffic in the city. Whenever you will go you will encounter traffic and sometimes stuck on it. Even if you travel not rush hour you will also encounter traffic. Because Manila at the present time is the most crowded city in the world even if you think that Filipino is not rich they still have their own car for their daily use. You will see a lot of car in the street and even park outside the road that’s why they can cause traffic everywhere. Traffic here in Manila has never improved for many years. It is the problem of every Filipino who live and work here.
  2. The flood is everywhere. When the rain is coming you will also experience the worst situation in the City, like you will be stuck on traffic because of the flood in the street.
  3. Crime is everywhere. Living in Manila is not as safe as before. Now you will fell not safe everywhere you will go because there are many strangers out there who will snatch your identity and act as they know you. There are many Filipino who has a bad intention that causes crime and murder everywhere.
  4. Rape is everywhere. At present, a lot of bad news you can watch on television happened to many Filipina in Manila. Parents now are more concerned with the safety of their daughter’s life. Ther are many rape victims that most girl children and a teenage girl are now the targets of those bad people especially those who take drugs that can do this kind of crime.
  5. Illegal drugs are everywhere. It not only in Metro Manila that illegal drugs are common but also around the Philippines. There are many people who use and take drugs that cause them to do crime to people around them. Illegal drugs are the most problem of the government now. Even if the President orders a law about people who use and sell drugs or they called drug user and drug pusher still this is the most dangerous things that spread all over the Philippines. Ther are many people who are involved in this kind of operation some of them are in working in the government official and some of them are in the highest position in the government.
  6. Human trafficking is everywhere. Not only in Metro Manila that human trafficking is there but all around the Philippines. A lot of Filipino are afraid to go outside without somebody with them because of many bad people who bring you anywhere that you don’t know and do bad things to you without your permission and without the knowledge of your family. Adult and even children can be the slave of human trafficking in metro manila.
  7. Robber and thief people are everywhere. When you leave your home here in the city you better be careful and check your doors and windows if it closes carefully before you leave. There are bad people who will steal everything inside your house in just a minute and you will be surprised when you enter your house and its all clear and the things were already gone. There are many people outside your house that is checking your daily activities and once they have a chance they rob all the things you have without your notice. So living in the city is not as safe as we all know.

 Good Things that you will Experience in Metro Manila

If there are the worst things that people experience in Metro Manila there are also good things that we experience here. In Metro Manila, there are many things that you can enjoy doing it is up to you what want to do. A lot of shopping mall inside metro manila and everywhere in the city. You can shop all you want as long as you can have a budget in your pocket. Everything you want you can buy it and find it in the mall even the latest brand product you want. Ther are beautiful places for those people who want to go around Metro Manila especially those people who want to see the historic place in the city like Pork Santiago in Intramuros, Money Museum, National Park of the Philippines, Manila Chinatown, Manila bay, and Rizal Park.

They’re also a nightlife in Metro Manila that many young people love to do the most. Every city in Metro Manila has its own places to visit for those people who love nightlife. A good restaurant and an awesome place to dine in is everywhere. Metro Manila is a business center and has more opportunity for jobs vacancy. There are many amenities compare to the provinces of the Philippines. Everywhere here can cost living and a lot of students wants to study in Metro Manila because of the good schools and high-quality standard. From exclusive and private school and universities are all here and top hospitals and modern vicinity and business center are also located in Metro Manila. Filipino can choose the type of work schedule that fits their lifestyle because Metro Manila is 24 hours and some people sleep when others are awake and working in the night shift.


Living and staying in Metro Manila is not really a place when you get old and retires from your work. You will always choose your own province to stay and live there for the rest of your life because of the people who you’ve known will take care of you when the time that you are not totally healthy. Metro Manila is for the young adult who really loves nightlife and enjoying their life as young. There are many bad experiences that everyone has a story of living in this city. And also a lot of bad people is everywhere. You will always be careful when going outside because of those people who will snatch things in your hands without your knowledge.

At present living and staying here in Metro Manila for almost 20 years is not as easy as other experience. Good and bad is there and the same time you must have guts living in Metro Manila. You must have a strong personality, know how to communicate with people, you must be confident, have a strong heart, wise, and also don’t forget that you also must a good heart for everybody so that people will like you and respect you as a person when you know how to respect them. I experience riding in s jeep when someone snatches my cellphone in my hand and what my reaction is I was shocked and I don’t really know what to do next. I don’t expect that it really happened to me because all I know is that it is really not true that there are snatches in Metro Manila until I experience it. The flood in the street every time that the rain is there. You cannot go home early if there is heavy rain because some road is closed because of the deep gather water around it. So better chose that we stay a longer where every you are rather than choose to go home in heavy rain that you will stock in the traffic and wait until the flood was gone. I also experience some bad people who are stranger to you and talk to you until some of you stuff is gone because they get it from you without your knowledge in Tagalog it is called ” budol budol”.