What Makes Social Media Influence the Life of Filipino

  • 2019/04/17/
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The social media has a lot of changes every now and then. It becomes more advanced and more useful in the life of Filipino people. Not only Filipino people influence their life using social media but also all over the world. With social media, you will know what is happening not only in the Philippines but also outside the countries. Filipinos are more engaged in social media, their life sometimes based on what they see in social media. And because of the advanced technology and fast internet today almost everybody even children now know how to use Facebook and other application sites in social networking. Some people now cannot live without social media in their life and that is how social media influence the life of every Filipino people. Social Media has each advancement of all information that is accessible to all users. It influences the lives of people, education, government, religion, business, mortality, and moral values of people.

How Social Media Influence Filipino People

At this present time, social media really developed rapidly in the life of Filipino people not only their life but sometimes their whole personality also change because of social media. In every aspect of the life of Filipino people, social media play a very important role that sometimes it is not healthy and helpful especially to the young ones. Social media influence the life of Filipino in a whole, their thoughts, their personality, their talent, their wants, and they’re individual as a person. Social media also feed people the news whatever it may be they won’t tell you if that is correct or fake news you will the one who decide whenever that news is not true or false. That is how social media affect you. Importantly social media change the life of Filipino people it may become better but sometimes it also gives a worse result for them.

In the Philippines, Filipino believe and follow how social media works for their life. They think that following popular person or believing them in social media makes their life better and profitable. Social media can give you a blessing but in a way, it can also worsen your life and your belief. Because if you don’t notice your life become worse when you let social media works in your life. Filipino are social media users, they follow, they read, they waste their time on the news feed that allows them to their account, and the even get more fun using some application in the websites. Some Filipino users and followers of social media forget how far it can cause if they don’t know how to handle every situation they may read in their account.

Through social media, you will know almost everything and all the information you want to know. It gives you all about the information of the person, things, and the latest updates of people you want to search. It almost there everything you want to know. However, not everything in social media is true and correct.

This is how social media influence Filipino:

  • Through communication. Social media is advanced technology that even two people in a different world can communicate and see each other through video call or video chat.
  • In relationship. What’s good in social media it changes your life like your single now tomorrow your in a relationship without people notice. You can have a partner through online chatting even if you two don’t see each other in person. You just understand each other and say I Love You through online and have a date also through a video dating online.
  • In the business. You can advertise your own product online. Networking and other website applications really help a big to those Filipino who have a small or big business. It is more cheapest to advertise your product than hire a company that can boost your product or business. Online selling or online buying is one of the most popular at this present. You just have internet and some apps to start browsing and buy or sell online products.
  • In education. Filipino is more educated now compare before because of the new and advance technology. Social media has a lot to offer in the Philippine Education. It helps every child to develop their talent and skill through some information gathered in social networking.
  • In transportation. It also a big help to all Filipino in terms of transportation using social media. Why because some Filipino has their groups in their accounts where they just post that they need a car and then someone replies it and on a minute the person with his own car is there and waiting at front of their house. At this present time, Filipino can easily order food with the apps of online food delivery and there’s no need to go to the restaurant and order food to have it. Just need internet and you can have the food you want by ordering it online.
  • It develops your personality. Social media influence Filipino people by developing their personalities to look good and happy. Even if they are not happy they post some photos that they happy and look good.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media to Filipino People



  • Social media influences the life of Filipino people by reconnecting with loved ones even if miles away. They still have a connection and knows what happening each one of them even if they are in different countries.
  • It also helps you to be closer to your clients of buyers without the need to talk to them personally. Because social media is the easy ways to get connected and closer to people far away from you. You can even talk to them intimately or personal than other types of communication.
  • It can also find you a partner or relationship. It is very helpful to those Filipino who want to get closer to the person they want to know using social media. It also helps them to find someone and find their partner in some application in social networking.
  • Social media can help Filipino women especially those who are at home to have extra income even if they are at home and taking care of their children. They can even work extra time at home like those jobs that are online. Some of this are online teaching, online buying or selling, online business of products if you are a good cook you can sell your product online without the need to build your store or rent a place.
  • Social media can also save money. One of the positive benefits of social media is it can save money and time. Because when you want something you can order it online and it will deliver to you in your place without spending time and too much money on traveling to buy that product or things.
  • In social media, you can do everything and think of something and be like something. You can try many things and change many things through social media, like photos, video, live chats, and most of all you can create beautiful and unbelievable things through visual effect and web design.
  • Social media is very in demand technologies that Filipino use. This kind of modern change in the life of Filipino is really addicted especially to the young ones. In this generation almost all young Filipino have the gadget to use as their means of communication to their friends and family, It can also use to search for information to the people, things, places, products, latest and modern brands, and most of all you can also share your information and your daily activities using some applications apps on the website.



  • If there is a good in social media it has also a bad side on it. Like your information will open to the public if you cannot be careful about how to share it. A social media is worldwide so you are better careful about using it to avoid some mistake that you will regret someday.
  • It also influenced Filipino user in a bad way that many teenagers will become more engaged in using and forget that their life also become in trouble when they become more serious on doing some application that really not helpful for their growing stage. Social media can be addicted to. Filipino teenagers are very eager to have gadgets that they use for their social life, Chating with their friends and classmates is one of the reasons why everyone has a gadget of their own. But somehow at this present day in the Philippines, it is very dangerous to let teenagers be addicted in social media there are a lot of bad news that because of their unknown friend they become a rape victim and their family realized it only if they are gone and find their children dead.
  • Social media disadvantage is it helps Filipino millennials to become lazier especially in their studies and doing household chores. They not doing their homework because they are too focused on browsing and chatting with their friends.



In the Philippines, Filipino people are depending on social media. They are used to it every day and updates on what happens to them. For Filipino social media is the best way on how they can express their emotions and feelings. That they cannot share it with their family members. Social media also help every individual to be created and innovative users. Social media also help Filipino to be more educated and be aware of what’s happening globally. It also teaches people to become smarter and be more knowledgeable about everything. At present social media is very important to Filipino especially in the line of politics. Almost all Filipino who run for politics as a government official use social media as their way to present their self and what they can do to their countrymen to help them. Politician nowadays have their own social media account that shows what are the things they want to do with their city and what are their plans to help their people. Social media nowadays are very helpful and useful technology to the Filipino people.