Why Filipino are Good in Terms of Communication Skills

  • 2018/03/20/
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We all know that we cannot survive without communication. It is very important in our daily life. Through good communication, we can handle any problems that came along. In our daily life, in our work, in all things we do, we could not be successful if we don’t have good communication. In the Philippines, the common communication language that is used are English and Tagalog or Taglish. Most Filipino people are good at speaking English and can communicate well with other foreign people.

What is Communication?

In the Philippines communication is one of the major importance that is needed to transfer or receive information to a person. It includes thoughts, ideas, and emotions. It is the connection of two or more individuals that have a conversation in reaching out what they want to tell. Communication is the beginning of ideas, knowledge, something we want to express, and some information we want to share. They say that Filipino is good at communication skills. Why? Because many Filipino can immediately learn some different language faster than any other foreigner.

Communication is the way we express our feeling to a person. It is the way that we tell everything through communication so that we could understand each of us. If we have good communication skills every country, every nation, and everyone could have an understanding and respect to each and everyone because they express well what they really want and what they really meant.

Most of us have our own meaning of communication but the best part of it is whatever the meaning of it we always end with having good communication. Here in the Philippines, we have a good communication skill that other country doesn’t have. I believe that every Filipino knows how to speak English fluently they also understand it and can really communicate well, speak well, and can write very well rather than another country.


Types of Communication

  • Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication is the act, gestures, body language, facial expression, and eye contact. In the Philippines, almost all Filipino people can communicate through physical contacts like walk hand in hand, movements of arms, and feet. Filipino culture is a little bit conservative in the way they show affection to someone. They can show affection through eye contact. Eye contact can be one of the reasons we could communicate silently it expresses through the expressive eyes of the person. A gesture is also the type of nonverbal communication it shows how happy you are and it also shows if you are lonely and unhappy. Facial expression is the most common communication that we usually use. For example, our emotion that we cannot express through verbal communication we express it by facial expression. The way wants to show our feeling that we can tell direct to the person but we show it to our action.

  • Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is effective when most Filipinos often communicate through the way they express their thoughts through oral communication and written communication.  Oral communication is delivering words in person exactly what it means. You can properly deliver what is in your mind through speaking and showing it accurately. Most younger ones speak with respect to those who are older than them or with a higher status. They use the word ‘po’ as a sign of respect. Speaking to many audiences need a lot of verbal communication and the choice of the word you deliver. And you will notice that Filipino can express their opinion with humility and in a decent way to avoid any argument and misunderstanding. That way many will understand what you really want to say.

Verbal communication can also deliver through phone person to person. It’s not only here in the Philippines we use a phone but all over the world use phone for faster communication. It is now the most and faster way of delivering your message to a person. Storytelling is also one of the effective forms of verbal communication. Many Filipinos are best when it comes to storytelling, they know exactly what is happening from the start to an end. It helps us to tell what happened through storytelling. It gives us some ideas on what is going on by telling us the whole story.

Written communication also part of communication that includes letters, emails, proposals, memos, and training manuals. But in written communication, it takes time for you to send a letter to a person and receive a letter. It is not like oral communication that includes telling your message through a phone.

Filipino is Good in Communication

Communication skills have a lot of practice before you can communicate well with other people or to other foreign people. However, here in the Philippines, most of the learning communication came from school. Through our teacher, we learn how to pronounce the word by word well and properly. We also learn how to communicate with our classmates properly and nicely. Our family has the most impact on our first communication. It starts when we are a toddler and learns how to speak and how to pronounce the word right. That is the reason why Filipino people become one of the good in terms of speaking English and can really communicate well to other people especially to a foreigner.

In communication, we learn how to express our toughs and feeling to a person. We sometimes misunderstood the word if we deliver it in a bad mood or is not a nice way. Also through communication, we can have a better half. We can find the right person that can be our partner in the future. Through better communication end in a better relationship. Like in business most foreign companies put up their business here in the Philippines because they all know that Filipino people are good in communication skills and can communicate well and deliver well to the client. Also, Filipino can have a good understanding and they can really give the best effort and good response to communicating with other people. In a relationship, some of us can find our partners if they are good at expressing themselves.


Filipino people can even work outside the country because they are good at speaking English and can really communicate well with foreign people. They can succeed in their workplace and can be best in their chosen career here and abroad. Like the example in their work in an advertising company, they can give their best performance because they are good in communication skills. They can also good at speaking, writing, reading, and listen if they are working in a big company of advertising. Having good communication skills will help you to get hired or even you can be a success in your chosen career.

Communication skills are very important because it gives and delivers a message to other clearly and effectively. In the process having good communication skills need so much effort to send to someone or too many people the subjects, you want to share. It involves better communication skills to the sender and the receiver to understand well all the information they need. But in communication skills there are also a lot of individuals that are unable to communicate well, they are struggling to express their thoughts and ideas very well and effectively.

Effective communication skills need a lot of training like you must know what is your audience you have sending your message before you get in there. You also must know the circumstances before you communicate with a person. Communication skills contain sender, message, channel, receiver, feedback, and context so that you can create a better and sufficient message to understand well. These elements of communication composed of a sender and the receiver. The sender is the one who initiates or communicate with a person, while the receiver is the one who receives the message. The channel is the carrier of the communication. The feedback occurs when the receiver response to a sender message. These all elements are part of communication.

We must take care of our thought before we speak it through our mouth so that you can not hurt someone or you not get mistaken for others that are Filipino way of thinking when communicating with people. Communication is the most important method in our daily life. We can express and share what really going on in our lives and even share our emotions with others through communication. We can build a relationship with a person through communication.

Communication skills are the way we use language and express information. It enables a person to give information clearly and understood. Communication skills also show our behaviors as an individual if we display them consistently and communicate effectively. Communication is more about speaking than anything else. Because public speaking is the most important aspect of communication.

Some barriers to communication are:

  1. Criticizing
  2. Blaming
  3. Interrogating
  4. Moralizing
  5. Threatening
  6. Eyes flashing
  7. Showing movements of the body
  8. Name-calling
  9. Staring

How to Improve Communication Skills

  • First, you need to understand the purpose of communication
  • Understand the process of communication
  • Be aware of others feeling and the people around you
  • You must understand the need for communicators
  • You must understand the primary needs and purpose of communication
  • Make sure to deliver your message clearly and under stable
  • You must learn how to listen before you speak
  • You must deliver your message exactly and directly
  • Have a positive attitude and always have a smile on your face
  • Treat everyone with respect and grace
  • Always have eye contact with the person you are talking with to know your sincerity
  • To have good communication skills you must practice, practice and practice
  • You must have the ability to connect with your audience
  • You must improve your speaking skills
  • You must be an attentive listener
  • You must develop a good personality

Communication may be Difficult

  • Emotion can be one of the difficult situations in terms of communication. Happiness and sadness can be a big part of communication. In communication one of the most difficult to handle is our emotion because we cannot just keep our emotion inside ourselves and pretend that nothing happens. Being happy is good for our health but being sad can have a negative impact on our health. If we face some negative news we become upset and frustrated or sometimes angry.  Filipino people know how to control their emotions if they want to communicate with another person so that they cannot hurt another person because of the emotion that they have at that time. If our emotion is very strong it is best if we cannot communicate to a person so that it will not give them false and wrong information. Our emotion can be very difficult to express verbally so sometimes it is better to do it nonverbal, like facial expression or body language. Because sometimes it is better not to talk about our emotion especially when it a came from heart problem matter.
  • It is also difficult if we don’t have any idea how to communicate with a person. If we put in the situation that we cannot understand a person because the language is different so in that way gesture or sign-language communication is the best to understand each other.
  • There are some difficult communication or conversation that you can encounter but make sure to be prepared for this. Some communication is difficult when you don’t know exactly where it comes from, you must be smart enough to act as if you know and then gathered information before you start a conversation.

Communication is very important to us. It is the way of living we have to understand and to communicate with each other. We can express, share and give information so that every one of us will have an idea of what is going on. Filipino people are good at communication wherever they are. They can easily adapt to the skills and language of every country they go to. Because right now the English language is one of the international speakings that use all over the world.

Communication now in this modern technology has a lot of changes. Not like before that we communicate through the use of long-distance call if we have love one in abroad, we send letters to them and they receive it a week or more than a week. But now through the use of modern technology, we can see and talk to our friends, family, and loved ones through the use of the internet or it called video call. Communication now is very efficient and fast because of the technology that we have we communicate through emails, cellphone, computers, video conferences, social media channels, and texting services.

Here in the Philippines, the use of technology in communication is very useful in the life of each Filipino and it becomes a necessity for businesses or in each individual. Technology in communication helps us to reach other using media and modern technology. Companies are more dependent on social interaction with consumers. This is how they communicate with their client or customer or even create business pages to get more followers or to get more customers.