Why Do Political Dynasty in the Philippines is Still Effective

  • 2019/04/24/
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Filipino are dying because of the political issue. They want to run for politics and serve people but some have their own personal reason why they want to run and be a government official. Many popular personalities now are running in the politics they change their career from being a celebrity to become a politician. Not only those celebrities are running in politics but also those family who has a position in the government wants their family members to run in politics. They think that serving people is much better if they’re both families are in the position. Because they are already recognized by people and they can easily get the trust of Filipino voters.

Political Dynasty in the Philippines

In the Philippines, there also a political dynasty. It means that when one of the family members is in the politics some of the members will also run for election because they already know by the people in their region and it is easy to enter in the politics if one of the members of the family already has a position in the government local or national position.  Some of the politicians who are in their different position that already finishes their years in services allow their family members to be the one who runs for their position. They want their family members to be the one who is in their position if they finish their terms in the government. Why they want to allow their relatives or family members to run in politics if they finish their terms in the government because they that politician still want to have power or still want to have influenced to there constituents. They want to have full power to dominated those who are in the position after them.

The political dynasty was a typical family that established their political power in their own provinces and have their own position in the government. It usually has strong support from their constituent and they become one of the most powerful and influential in their region or city. In the Philippines, you will notice that most Filipino who are running in the election have a family member in the government. Their family came from politics and the young ones must follow the steps of the older family members. Sometimes the member of the family occupies the same government position if their terms already finished. It stated from local to national government position such as first if their young family member they teach them to handle and be the Chairman of the Sangunian ng Kabataan, then they can run as Barangay Captain in their province or area. Then at the local election like Mayor or Vice Mayor of their region or city.

Not only those celebrities have easy access to Filipino voters but also to have some relatives in politics can easily be known by Filipino people. They will know easily because of the people behind them if they have some relatives or family member who is in the position in the government. Furthermore, celebrities also have their own power because they are popular before they enter politics. The political dynasty started in the provinces in the Philippines. Many politicians in the different region have many relatives and family members who are in their position and now running for this coming election to replace their relatives who finish their terms in the government. political dynasty is common in the Philippines and also in other country but it is more effective here in the Philippines.

Pros and Cons of Political Dynasty


  1. Having a politician in a family is one of the advantages because when you are already known by your people if you want to run in your city or provinces. This also helps you to be more familiar and you have enough background on how to deal with around you.
  2. It also helps you to become a good leader someday when you have one of your family in politics.
  3. You will also have an idea of what are the need of the people in your city if your family is one of the government officials in your place
  4. You don’t need to gather some information about your people because you already have information for the past year through your politician family members
  5. You also have enough resources because of your political families that will help your candidacy to win in the election.
  6. They also help you to give enough funds for your political career.


  1. When one of your family is corrupt and you tend to run tendency is you tolerated your family to continues the bad doing.
  2. Also when one of the family who is in the politics got mistakes and do bad things your name also put in the bad situation
  3. Some politician families may cause their young family who runs in politics to have a brain drain at a very young age.
  4. Political dynasty sometimes gives bad feedback for the new one that will run in politics. It also causes some misbehavior of the newly elected official who has many relatives or family in politics.
  5. Some people also use their power in their position they have in the government position. They have the tendency to become more violent and more opportunists or vote-buying when the time of the election campaign.

The Effect of Political Dynasty

In the Philippines, being a part of the family of a politician is being recognized easily. This is how effective and famous if one of the family members is in the position in the government. If one of the members of the family is running in the politics who or she should be in blood relationship with a politician before he acknowledges or belongs to a dynasty. Filipino people already know how influential and powerful to be in a political dynasty. Filipino continues to support those people who run in politics with political dynasty. The impact of being in a politician family is very much profitable to those candidates who want to run in politics, they use their influences, their money, and their power to dominate and manipulate the politics and election period.

However, it is so alarming that this kind of political dynasty is still effective in the Philippines. Because people may use their influence on their fellow citizens to do bad things and the impact is their fellow people will suffer from their wrongdoing. Sometimes political dynasty also not a good example to the younger family member because they know that they have someone who will protect them even if they do wrong to Filipino people. They use the power and influence of their family names without thinking that what they do is not good in the eyes of the Filipino citizens. They also know that because of their political dynasty and their wealth they can control everything and under their region or city.

Political dynasty is effective especially to those family who is rich and famous before their into politics. There are some places or communities that money can run their lives and they even vote because they already paid their right to votes the right person. The dignity of Filipino people sometimes can buy especially those people who are a powerful and influential one. Some Filipino people who want to run in politics with a good intention doesn’t recognize if they cannot belong to a political dynasty. This a well true. You cannot win the election if you don’t have family members or relatives who are in the government position. There are a lot of new candidates who join in the election every year and even celebrities are also running for their selected position in politics. Celebrities who run can easily win the votes of the people because they are already exposed to television and social media.

Personalities in the Politics

The politics in the Philippines is very colorful because of the many popular figures that are running to be in the government position. Celebrities are giving their best to be a part of the Philippine government. They even retire from being an artist or leave behind from being popular celebrities and become a public figure who will serve the Filipino people. There are a lot of Filipino personalities who win in politics and leave their respective position like being an Actor, singers, comedians, news anchors. Even the current Philippine boxing world champion was running in the politics and win as Senador in the Philippines. The Philippines has a different type of electoral politics compare to other countries because it is mix with political movement and entertainment media through the electoral candidates of some celebrities and popular artist.

Showbiz personalities that run in the politics

  • Richard Gomes
  • Richard Yap
  • Bong Revilla
  • Jiggy Manicad
  • Daniel Fernando
  • Maricel Morales
  • Lou Veloso
  • Yul Servo
  • Herbert Bautista
  • Isko Morena
  • Vilma Santos
  • Jolo Revilla
  • Lani Mercado
  • Gary Estrada
  • Lito Lapid
  • Lucy Torres Gomez
  • Roderick Paulate
  • Alfred Vargas
  • Lino Cayetano
  • Imelda Papin
  • Long Mejia
  • Joseph Estrada
  • Jingoy Estrada
  • Mark Lapid
  • Edu Manzano
  • Vico Sotto

One of the most important factors in running in politics is that first, you are popular in your region or city. You also have the good image that people know you as a good person and can easily approach to people. Some Filipino who are running in politics must be influential and have a connection so that you can easily gain respect to people around you. Why many celebrities are running because they know that people already know them because they are popular not only to their region but also everywhere in the Philippines. They know them because people see then in national Tv for some commercial, endorsement, programs in TV, and even on the big screen from doing different kinds of movies.

Politics in the Philippines is the dirtiest area in the Philippines government and the election is one of the dangerous parts of it. Some politician is killed because they have many enemies when they win the election. Even when running in the politics some of them also killed with their competitors in the election campaign. Politician uses their money to have more votes with their constituent. However, some politician who is running has a bad intention in giving and helping people. They think if they will win they can get more than they give to people. This kind of thinking is an example of a corrupt politician.


Philippines politics is very difficult to understand sometimes. There are a lot of changes and rules but sometimes it doesn’t follow especially those who are the power to influence the rule of law and the changes in the election period. There is also a lot of problems that some politician face when the result already finished. Some of the politicians who runs and doesn’t win have a tendency to ask another counting before they accept that they lose the election. Social Media has a lot of part in politics. Celebrities do their parts by posting that they run in politics. They also use television for some advertisement to increase their popularity and use it in their campaign. Political dynasty has more impact on Filipino people because they already establish their names and image to people.