Why Filipino a Fun and Happy Person

  • 2019/05/28/
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Filipino is a fun loving and happy person to be with. That is why even in other countries Filipino stand up even in their hard time living in a foreign land. They still have the attitude to smile even if they feel lonely and alone in other countries. Filipinos are the most smiling and fun to be with among other countries. Foreign people want Filipino to be with because of their ability to comfort them and make them happy. Filipino make differences in therm of this kind of character they have. Filipino is indeed a happy person.  They always have a smile on their face whenever they are and whoever they are with. They let you feel how they are easy to be with and they are funny people with the sense of humor. Among other things they always look happy with their life even in the most difficult situation.

Why Filipino is a Happy Person

In the Philippines, Filipino people are a naturally happy and go-lucky person. But despite being a happy person Filipino believe that whatever problems they may encounter in their life they put a smile in their face. Filipino has an attitude of being positive people. They always think that whatever circumstance may happen in their life they still continue believing that in the darkness day, the light will shine again. They still have time to smile even if they feel bad or they don’t have a good day. Even in a bad time of their life, Filipino always show to their family that they can handle things along the way with a smile in their face and love in their hearts.

Most Filipino value relationship than materials things in their life. For them, a family is one big factor that gives them strength and continues to be happy even if they have no materials things that they want in life. They believe that having a family makes them happy and contented. In the Philippines, Filipino has strong family ties that make them happy every single day. All problems that come along is easy to solve if your family is there and intact. They will support you and give you the right advice and love you no matter what. For Filipino people, their family is there top priorities than anyone else in this world. They are happy people because they have a small dream, and that dream is to have a complete, healthy, and happy family.

Filipino is a happy person because they are just simple and very easy to be with. Whatever problems that they have in their life they can still smile and just ignore it for a minute of their life. Filipino don’t worry too much of their problem. They know that life still must go on even if they have a problem and they should be happy because they are still alive and kicking.

However, Filipino also feel depresses and feel alone they still human being to feel all of this but they have the guts to smile even if they feel not good in themselves. Filipinos are a happy-go-lucky person, they think positive and just smile to their problems even if it’s too heavy and too many to think. But they have the heart to face it and smile on it knowing that they have a big God compare to their problems. Filipino are too religious and prayerful and that is one big factor that they can face anything in their life because they believe that God is in control of their life. Filipino people are very appreciative and very down to earth person, they always learn how to appreciate small and big things that come along their way. Even in a hard time of facing trials of their life they still have a smile on their face and be strong enough to stand again and again.

Advantage of Being a Happy Person

  • Being happy is one of the best medicine in life
  • It also helps you to live longer if you’re a happy person
  • A happy person has a strong immune system that helps to endure pain better
  • A happy person has a positive outlook in life
  • Being happy can be a good remedy in our stressful life
  • A happy person can have a strong spiritual intact to the One who made us
  • A happy person has a happy family around them
  • Being happy makes a person be more successful in their life.
  • Being happy can make a person be more grateful and kind to others.
  • Those people who are happy are more generous people.
  • Happy people can make other people a happy also
  • Being happy can helps a relationship last longer
  • Being happy is the start of being content in life and being joyful
  • Being happy improves your life to have more opportunities

Benefits of Filipino of Being a Happy Person

  1.  Filipino is known to be a happy person and despite having bad times they still continue to be happy. Happiness can boost Filipino ego, they can make things possible because they have a happy heart and happy life inside of them
  2. Happiness can improve physical health to Filipino people. They believed that being happy can make their life longer and make their life better than ever
  3. Happiness can be the best antidote to anxiety and stress that why a lot of Filipino are happy with their life even if they have the poorest human being.
  4. Filipino is a happy person whenever they go. That s the trademark of all Filipino esp[ecially who live outside the country. They can make differences because they always see them smiling even if they are very tired of their everyday work.
  5. One of the best thing why Filipino is a happy person because they believe that being happy is good for the heart and soul of every individual
  6. Happiness can cover your true feelings. It can also help to release stress and bad vibes. Happiness can lessen the pressure in your life. It gives positivity in what you do and strengthens your inner side as a human being.
  7. Filipino is also emotional well being but they covered it from having a smile in their face and being happy with their life. They are very contented in what they have with the simple life and with a complete family.
  8. Filipino believe that being happy is not what you have in life but who you are as a person. Success doesn’t measure of being happy but it is only one of the reason why you should be happy.
  9. Filipino people always choose to be happy in their life. Why? Because it helps their life improves if they do good and happy in what they do. They enjoy life and have fun as long as they are happy doing things that make them smile and comfortable.
  10. Filipino is basically a happy person, they are too easy to laugh with and they really give their best to make other people happy. Filipino who live abroad are hard working, they choose to work abroad for the sake of their family and show them that they are happy working there even if they are not. Modern technology really help them to see their loved ones and talk them easily with that they are contented and happy seeing their family even in just a few hours.



Filipinos are the happiest man on earth. That’s what we always show to other countries, even if we lose everything we can still have a smile in our face and still move forward. The Philippines has continued to rise globally. Filipino is known all over Asia and other countries because of their unique attitude and characteristics.  The cultures and the value of Filipino is part of being a true Filipino. ANd being a true Filipino comes from a pure heart with a happy smile in their faces. Filipino children are one of the samples of being a happy individual. You will see them everywhere with a smile in their faces. They make others happy because they are naturally happy with a pure heart inside of them. Filipino parent is very blessed because they have an angel in their family, once they are tired from work and when they see their children all the stress, exhausted and overwork they have done in a day it all gone and they have a smile on their face because of their children. When are weary,  annoyed and feel bored it all gone when we see children who are happy and just smiling at you. That smile that comes from children can bring a lot of meaning to Filipino people and to others. It means that we should be grateful every day because we are all alive and kicking. That whatever we may suffer or whatever problems we have in our life we should still be thankful and be happy because we are complete as human being compare to others. We are blessed because we have family that we love, support and care for us compare to others. Filipinos are happy even for a small thing. Like children when you gave them a small piece of a gift they are too happy and thankful for it. Not just the amount of the gift but the true meaning of giving. Filipino teach their children to give and to share what they have to everyone, to be happy about what they have and be contented on the things they have in life. Being contented means being happy.

Being happy can take care of thoughts, your soul, and your body. It really gives you a positive outlook in life and can help you live longer without the negativity in your environment and in your community. If you surrounded with people who are happy and with a smile on their face you can also be like them.