Why Filipino Are Very In-touch to Their Family

  • 2019/07/10/
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Filipino are very close to their family and relatives. The love of their life is their family and the most important for them is family. Filipino has a tie traditional relationship when it comes to a family. The family in the Philippines look at each other, protect each other, help each other and love each other. They really give time to bond each other and be together as one family. In the Philippines, Filipino parents are very protective of their children even though they are both have their own family they still protect their children and grandchildren. They are very in touch with the lives of their children until they become old. That is why some Filipino parents still want their children to stay with them even if they have their own family.

How Filipino Keep in Touch with Their Families

Filipino are very busy when it comes to their daily life and daily activities. But when it comes to their family they make it a point to have time and see each other every day or as open as they want. Filipino parents teach each member of the family the culture and value of Filipino. The true meaning of family as one. They will teach their children that the family is the most important things in the life of a person or an individual. Family in the Philippines have strong ties and have a strong relationship with each other. They grow old with the teaching of their parents the beliefs and traditions of their family. And the teaching of loving each other with their siblings and their relatives and respect each other especially the old ones.

Filipino family ties are very important. At one point in their life, they still choose their family than everything in this world. That is the Filipino point of view, that family is their priority from anyone else. Even if they work abroad or far away to their family, Filipino still find time to communicate and know the status of their family and the needs of each member of the family. Working far away to their family is not what they want but it is what they need to provide and give the best for the future of their family. Being away from their family is really hard for Filipino who have work outside the Philippines. But they accept and decide to work abroad because they want to give good education and help their family financial need.

Filipino together with their family always has bonding time and family time. This is most Filipino parents teach the mind of every member of the family to give time to each other especially when needed. They always ask each member of the family their daily activities and ask about what happens in them. They keep in touch with you whenever needed and all the time. Filipino are very close to their family, relatives, and friends. They treasure every moment of time they get together and they really enjoy being with each other as a whole family. Their connection as a family does not end even if one of the members is far away from them. They still have time to call and even send pictures and emails just to say that they are missing each other and love each other.

Way of Filipino to Keep in Touch with Their Family

  • Some Filipino bonding time is through dinner. They make sure that each member of the family is there when dinner time is served.
  • Filipino parents keep in touch with their children through communication. By communication or asking their children how’s your day is very important to know the daily activities of their children.
  • Parents who are very busy at work has always found time to communicate with their children through phone calls or chat or messaging. They make sure to know every detail and where about of their children even if they are far away from their children
  • Filipino parents always check their children every now and then even if their children are old enough and have their own life they still make sure to know what they doing.
  • Filipino parents always keep in touch with their family especially to their children because they make sure that their children are safe and their children are in good hands.
  • Filipino family is very close to each other they get together every Sunday as open as they can to eat together and bond each other with their relatives and the whole clan of family.
  • For Filipino not only their family is their life but also they give importance to their neighbor who is next to them. They care for each other and treat each other like a true family.
  • Some Filipino show their gratitude to their parents when they are the one who manages to see visit their parent’s house and bring something to eat for the whole family. Nothing is more important to a parent when their children find time to visit them and spend time for the whole day with the whole family.
  • The Filipino always have time for their family the give so much effort just to spend their time with each other and communicate with each other every day.

Advantage of Having a Family Who are Living Close Together

We all have our own family and our own issue in the family, but what most important is that whatever we have an issue to our family we still have them in our life no matter what. Living close to your family really help a lot both side. Filipino family stays together or living close to each other so that they can both find peace knowing that your family is near you. You can always check their condition and knows about they doing regularly even if you are to busy at work and at your own family.

Today, Filipino are too busy with their daily lives that they even sometimes no time to travel and visit their family in the province especially their parents. But because of their busy schedule in their life Filipino choose to live with their parents close to them. Some who can afford to buy a house give it to their parents so that they can see their parents every day and as open as they can if they live next to them. Filipino parents also want their children to be live closer to them so that they can give help anytime it is needed especially when taking care of the children. Filipino parents still leave their children to their parent’s house so that they can go to work without thinking about the situation or condition of their children with the hand of someone. They can have peace of mind knowing that their children status or condition is safe because of their parents care. They are also sure that the behavior of their children will be taking care of and be good in the hands of their grandparents who will be taking care of them.




At this modern days, there are a lot of ways to get in touch with our family even if we live far away from them. Through the use of modern technology, it is now easy to communicate with our loved ones and we can still have time to spend with them even in jus a video call. But the most important is that have a personal bonding time with your family. Phone calls, video calls can help but being with your family and hug them tight is the most precious thing that you can give to them.

I remember my parents. All they want is just we are all be happy and in have a good life. They don’t ask for material things in life but for as to have a healthy life and to be happy with what we have. My parents are very happy if all of us are in our family house. Get together bond together and eat together as before when where kids. We usually spend our vacation in the province and we go there every time we have free time. To be with my parents and to hug them and tell them how we miss them. So no matter what we have here in Manila we still choose to stay and visit our parents in the province because that made us happy. That made us complete again and make my parents so much happy seeing with them and being with them.

In the Philippines, Filipino are very close to their family, relatives, and friends. Some of Filipino are very in touch with their friends that they really treat them as a family. That is how Filipino treat their friends, for them their friends are also a part of a family. They really care about their friends and support them. If Filipino can do it to their friends most especially they can do it with their family. Filipino are very vocal about their family, they are very proud to each member of what they become or what they achieve but most of all they are proud to their family because they love their family with all their heart.