Why Filipino Choose to Settle Down in the Province

  • 2019/07/29/
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The Philippines is one of the best places to settle down because of the things you may consider like, a low cost of living, nice people, they also accommodating, they also humble and hospitable. However, For Filipino people who are in the retirement age and working in the city, they still choose to live in their province than staying in the city for their retirement. They always considered that when the time that they on the age that needs to relax and stay forever they choose their place where they born in. Because in this modern days even if you live in the province they still have access in all modern technology and can live in the modern world.

Reason to Settle Down in the Province

One of the reasons why Filipino choose to settle down in the province rather than living in the city is that it is more peaceful in the province and there is no traffic in the province compare in the city. Also when living in the province cannot cost too much compare in the city like the manila city. The standard of living in the province is more different than in the city.

  • Cost of living
  • More safety in the province compare in the city
  • The neighbor is like your family and they treat you well
  • You feel safe and you can have many friends in your area
  • You know all your neighbor and they are all welcome you
  • Living in the province is much enjoyable and people know each other
  • Filipino who lives in the province have they care and respect each other
  • Living in the province is very simple. You can also eat fresh vegetables from the farm and fresh fish from the sea and fresh fruits from the backyard.
  • Transportation is a bit difficult but you still feel safe and at peace knowing that ll people there know each other. And they will not harm you in the middle of the night.
  • Also living in the province is you can be near in nature and feel the fresh air of the farm.
  • Filipino people are more close to each other when you decide to live in the province and you will notice it.
  • Most Filipino who works in Manila have their own house in the province so when they got old and ready to retire they choose their province because they don’t need to rent a house or pay more bill monthly.
  • Filipino also feel more comfortable staying with their own house and living with their spacious house rather than renting in the City.
  • Also in the province, most of the house has a big backyard they can plan whatever plans they want if you no work that time. You will not feel bored when you decide to live in the province because they have a lot of things you can do.
  • People in the province know each of their names and they treat each other us close friend or even they treat each other as family.

Advantage and Disadvantage on Living in the Province

The Filipino has many choose where they want to spend their reaming life after retiring to work. However, most Filipino choose their own province to settle down and stay there for the rest of their life. Life in the province is very slow compare in the City.

  1. Living in the province is less traffic compare to the city. If you choose to live in the province like a small town the traffic is not present there. You can also relax will traveling because you can feel the fresh air and see the beauty of nature without the damage of the air polluted like in Manila City.
  2. The advantage of living in the province is that all the things that you buy are cheaper compare in the City. The price of all commodities is very affordable and you can also buy fresh products at a lower price compare in the City. Also when you are living in the province you can directly buy fresh vegetable on the farm and the most amazing is that you can pick it by yourself. That is the best thing living in the province most foods that you eat is very fresh and not stored for so many days. All fresh and new.
  3. Living in the province is very simple. Everything is a simple way of living from transportation to food that you eat. Also, your neighbors are very friendly that when you live there for long they can treat you like a true family. Not like in the City that even if you have your neighbor they don’t care you as much as sincere as they.
  4. Living in the province is what Filipino want when they get retired from work in the city. They know that for them it is more relaxing and more peaceful living there than in Manila or in any city of the Phillippines. Because even if the province is far from the city and sometimes transportation cannot really reach them fast still they choose to live in the province. Not like in the city that transportation is 24/7 or anytime travel because they are many available car or public transportation.
  5. One of the advantages living in the province is that you don’t need to rent a house if you have your own in the province not like when you want to stay in Manila or in the city yet the cost of house rental is very expensive compare when you rent in the province. Because living in the province is very polluted like the air you breath and the environment you see is not good in the eyes and also in the health of the people.
  6. The nature in the province is fresher and it still intact compare to the city. Also, the people around the province is more respectful to older people and they really help the older in their household chores if necessary.
  7. Living in the province when the night time it is more peaceful and you cannot feel that anytime bad people will come to your house es[ecially if you live only with your partner.
  8. The disadvantage of living in the province is that it is far from the shopping mall and any establishment that every city have. But for Filipino who are in the retirement age all they want to relax and have time for themselves and to be far away from the city that can give stress and exhausted with the everyday workload.
  9. Best thing living in the province is that the Filipino community share their blessing to their neighbor. They have al “pakikisama or bayanihan” or it is called fellowship. They help each other and not ask for payment or anything just a little gratitude is enough to them.
  10. The way of living is very different when you choose to stay and live in the province compare in the City. Like washing their clothes by their owns hand not using modern technology like a washing machine.


Living in the province is one best choice of place when your retirement ages come. You can feel that you really at home when you are in the [rovince rather than staying in manila for so long yet you still feel that you are stranger and not safe in your own house because of the many bad people around you. In the province, you can leave your house without locking the door yet no one tries to enter or get anything inside your home while here in Metro Manila once you’re not in your house somebody while try to enter in your house even if you lock everything. One of the important, why older people return to their home town, is that most of their relatives are there. They welcome you with open arms, with love, and with honor when you chose to live and stay there for the rest of your remaining life.

For me, I still chose my home town when the time of my retirement. I don’t see myself staying and living here in Metro Manila after my retirement. My hearts still there in my province because of my family. Though some of my relative and my sibling are here in Metro manila working and staying here I know that someday when their time of retirement they still chose our hometown to live for the rest of their life. Because the best feeling is still when you live in your hometown that every person you encounter is you already know them and they really recognize you even if you’re not there every time. Your friend in the province is forever your friend even if they don’t see you open. They are true in the meaning of the word friend and every secret you share for them will always be just the two of you and it does spread to anyone. That’s how people in the province they have honor in the world they said, what they promise they cannot break it.