Why Filipino Could be a Good Leader

  • 2019/10/23/
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In the Philippines, Filipino is a good leader because you will notice that most of them want to be a leader even if they are not a leader. They act as if they know everything and they know how to balance the situation and perform very well. Filipinos can be a good leader because they have a soft heart and integrity that focus on the welfare of others. The values and the culture of Filipino people really help to become a good leader. This good quality is exceptional to those Filipino who really have a goal and dream to become a leader not only in the school but also to the whole country.

What is a Good Leader?

There are many definitions of leadership. It can be related to community leadership, religious leadership, political leadership, and leadership of campaigning groups or leadership in a company. A leader is a person who motivates and inspires people to follow him and his vision and mission. Also, a leader is the one that is responsible and managing all the decision that connected to their responsibility as a leader in their related career or path.

A good leader is a person that has a good intention and motivation to act towards one goal. It can also be a group or organization that manages responsibilities and guiding people to fulfill their goals. A good leader should be the one that sets a good example for others and help the people to their dreams. It also the one in charge to convince people to follow their vision and mission. It can also be a person who guides and inspires others. A good leader also means a person with authority and has the ability to leads people. It is also a position that has the power to commands and higher than others’ position.

The Qualities of a Good Leader

  • A good leader is a good listener. This one is important to factor to become a good leader. You just only decide but most important is you hear the voice of many before you decide and make a conclusion. Being a leader needs to be a good listener, in that case, no matter how hard your decision you will know that it not only comes to you but to all people around you and for the good of all people.
  • A  good leader must be a good communicator. Everyone can communicate but not as good as others can. So if you want to be a good leader you must communicate well and you should motivate all the people around you and follow what you really want.  Good communication is very helpful so that people under your team should understand your mission and your goal, and respect you as a leader.
  • Commitment is also an important factor to be a good leader. You will commit yourself to the career path you enter especially when you want to be a leader on it. Being a leader needs to be committed to everything you will do and decide. Your passion for it and love on your doing is the one that gives you the right direction and becomes a good leader that everybody will follow you.
  • You should be confident in everything you do. A good leader must have been confident in everything they do or say so that all the people around them must admire and attract what they need to said. You always show everyone that you are confident enough to become a good leader and can do things in a better way.
  • Good leadership has integrity on what she or he becomes. Being a leader always faces failure before they can be a good leader that is why one of the most important parts of being a good leader is that they must have integrity and they must be honest to make it on top. This kind of quality is what people expect so that they can succeed in the value and ethic they want to show to people around them.
  • A good leader must be responsible. One of the best qualities of a leader is they must be responsible enough for their duties and responsibility. When problems are there they must be the ones that accountable to handle and solve it in a very wise way. They seek a solution and responsible to get things better and well.
  • You must give inspiration to others. The quality of a leader must give inspiration to others. She or he can act like a leader but give others a great vision and goals as he acts the way as a leader. Inspiring people can help them to build their dreams and goals is one of the best achievements of a leader. Knowing that you can help others the way that you help yourself to build confidence and positivity.
  • Good attitude and positivity. This requires a good attitude to be a leader. If you don’t have a good attitude no one follows you and believes in you. Most of them will hate you and not vote you to become a leader if your attitude is bad and you don’t treat people with respect.
  • You must also have self-control and care for people. Courage is important to be a leader. Alos caring for others is one of the positive factors that people will like you. They will notice how you care to others in a genuine concern and with compassion. Self-control must always at your list to become a good leader. It helps you to build a positive relationship with others if you know how to control your self.

Filipino as a Leader

Being a Filipino as a leader is very stressful but awarding. Knowing that every people around you is believing in your talent and in your ability to act, to lead, and to handle things in your will. Filipinos are very hardworking and industrious that is why they can be good leaders. They are also very flexible and easily adapt to every single thing that needs to develop for all the people around them. Being a leader is a very demanding role for those Filipino who become a leader in their own career. The role of being a leader makes sou see how Filipinos lead their family. They put God first in everything they do and every decision that they will decide in their personal life and their career. Filipinos become good leaders because they know the needs of the people behind them who believe in them and follow them. Also Filipino is family-oriented that is why Filipino leaders not only lead their member but they put a heart on it and treat their members as their family and friends.

Filipino leaders are very delegates and dedicated to their role as a leader no matter how hard or how difficult it is they still stand on what they believe. They can do all the works just to help others need and handle everything they can be as long it is for the good of people. They can be a leader because of their humility and serves people.

There are many types of leader in the Philippines.

  1. A leader in their Religion
  2. A leader in the country
  3. A leader in the team
  4. A leader in the organization
  5. A leader in the company
  6. A servant leader
  7. Democratic leader
  8. Coaching leader
  9. A team leader
  10. Visionary leader

How to Become a Successful Leader

The best part of being a leader is that you can see your worth as a person and that everybody respects you. But somehow being a leader is not just to lead people but also to set a good example to them because you know that they follow you and some of them adore your deeds.

Here are some tips to become a successful leader.

  • A successful leader is a great motivator. They should be encouraging to others to follow and obey what are the rule and regulation and motivates people what are they role in your leadership. A successful leader can have this kind of ability to encourage and motivate the people under them.
  • Here in the Philippines, Filipino leader who becomes successful in their leadership has a heart to his or her people. Filipino leader is very influential to people around them. And showing the vision and inspiring people.
  • A successful leader should get trust from the people around them. They should also know how to listen to their people and they should be an honest leader and of course, they should also be brave enough to handle all the situation regarding the problems they may encounter.
  • Being a successful leader they must be open in challenges and have the heart to help his people. You must also prioritize your career on being a leader to become a successful leader.
  • To become a successful leader you also must be confident in everything you do and in front of people around you. You must show them a happy face and a positive vives every now and then because people need a happy leader.
  • A successful leader knows how to inspire his people and knows what is the needs of others. A leader must also commit their self to their work and to people.
  • A successful leader can lead many people and love the people around them. People under his team will have a big respect and trust in their leader in all they do.


Filipinos always want to be best that they can in all areas of their life especially in handling people that adore them the most. In the Philippines, most Filipino dreams to become a good leader in their career path. They love people around them and treat them like a family. They give advises, they protect the right of others and protect their people, and they care about the needs of others. Filipinos can excel in their chosen career that is why they can be a good leader in their career path that they entire. Because of their humility, their good communication skills, their heart to the poor, and their love for the things they do they can excel and be a successful leader.

Filipino is also expressive with what they feel, they can automatically understand what are the needs of there people and they can also express what they feel to the people around them. Every leader needs to have a better understanding of what people need so that they can lead their people in a right way.