Why Filipino Have a Successful Family and Stay Stronger

  • 2019/09/10/
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Filipino are family-oriented, they raise their children to demonstrate love and respect to each other especially to elders. Family in the Philippines still important and for every Filipino people, the duty and responsibility are to love and to take care of their family and to value each member of the family. In the Philippines, Filipino believe in the importance of family and marriage. They still fix whatever problems they may face as a couple and as a whole family. Filipino believe in the sanctuary of marriage that once a couple is marriage they still are married until their last breath because of God in the center of their marriage and relationship. Husband and wife take care of their children and support their children even if their children have grown up. They build love, respect, and affection with a whole family. Understanding the needs of each member and give them full support as a family. That’s why every Filipino family stay strong and live with each other because of love and respect.

What is Family?

A family is a group of person with consist of Father, Mother, and children. It also united by marriage, blood and also adoption. Family in the Philippines is also complete with grandmother, grandfather, aunties, uncles, niece, nephew, and relative. Also Filipino treat their friends not only just their close friends but they also treat them as their true family members. Extended family also one of the famous in the Philippines. The Filipino that living with parents, children, and some group other relatives with

The Reason to Have a Successful Family in the Philippines

  1. To have a successful family in the Philipines, Filipino have their respect and they really value the importance of family.
  2. A family has a big influence on the adolescence of a child and in the development of a child well being. That is why every Filipino parent makes their best to show their love to their children and support the need of every child so that they will grow with love and respect with their heart.
  3. Filipino family with strong ties can have a successful family and a strong bond with each other.
  4. Filipino family who has a strong bond was raised with tradition and good morals and values. They continue to love and respect each other and teach every member that family is the most important things that they will value and treasure with their life.
  5. The family that prays together and bond each other with love will stay together.
  6. Filipino family is very closed to each other through a third degree of blood-related. They treat and respect each other as a whole family because of the older generation that teaches them to love the whole family until their last degree of relationship.
  7. Each Filipino parents wants their family to stay stronger and to live happy and contented. It still in the Philippines that a lot of Filipino family are staying and live with each other in one roof. To protect and take care of each other until their last breath.
  8. Filipino family always have their communication to have a better and smooth relationship with each member of the family. Each parent has a way to get involved with their children’s life. They have a different style on parenting their children and they also have a different way to stay their relationship us a husband and wife to be stronger as days go by.
  9. The Filipino couple tries their best just to stay together as a family and never give up their relationship because of their children. For them, the most important factor in their life is the happiness of their children and to see them together.
  10. In Filipino society, the most important is the relationship of each family member. The behavior of each family member is base on what their parents get involved with their children. They really make sure that each of their children grows with the right of attitude and value.

Characteristics of the Filipino Family

A family in the Philippines is one of the important parts of society. It is combined with the traits, values, cultures, traditions, and closeness of the member of the family. Filipino family has a strong bond and they believe in the sacred of the marriage that no one can separate them. In the Philippines, the typical Filipino family is consist of Father, Mother, and children and also it combined with an extended family like grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins. This extended family is normal for Filipino people that they let stay their relative at their house and be part of their family members too. Filipino family has an often communication and they always consult with each other when making an important decision. They traditionally consult the elders about decision making like their children on going to college, the decision on a personal life of their children and help each member the best when needing support in their goal and dreams of life.

Also Filipino has traditional rules that the Father should be the one who takes the responsibilities and duties to the head of the family. He also makes the major decision of the family together with his wife. The Mother is the home keeper and the one that should take care of the family especially the children. The wife is hands-on in taking care of their children need and budgeting the family income. The strength of every Filipino is the loves and support of the family. The Filipino family helps each other while the parents provide the needs and emotional security and protection of the parents. Filipino children have also their role or part of the family. Their role is to follow the order of their parents and to help their family in the household chores and study hard as part of being a student in the family.

The social values of the Filipino family are to show love and affection to each member of the family. In this way, they become closer and more affectionate to each member. The family has its connection and responsibilities to each other. They keep each other to stay stronger and help each other to give support to make their marriage works. Even if the family has a different direction or path to go when children grow older still they have connection and communication with each other.

Filipino family is very simple. They just want to be together and stay stronger as a whole family and live happy and contented. Because Filipino gives important to the family that they have. They love and respect their family and their siblings are very pond and enjoy each other companies. They go to church together, eat together and spend their weekends together like eating and dining outside the house and watching movies together. Even in their community, Filipino treat their neighbors and friends like family. Without blood relation or anything they still love and respect their neighbor as like their own family during good times and bads times, they support each other company.


Here in the Philippines, Filipino really priorities their family before anything else. They work because of their family, they heave dreams because of their family, they want to be successful because of their family and they want to live longer because of their family. Everything we do in our life is because of our family. To give the best to them and to support them for as long as we can. Filipino love extended family they more feel secure and love if all the family members stay for one home. The Filipino parent stay with each other just to make sure that their children will have a good future. They sometimes sacrifice what they really want just to make sure that they can give the best for their children. A lot of Filipino parents have their own trouble with their relationship or problem that they can encounter through their marriage but the good things to Filipino parents are that they don’t give us their relationship easily because of they still believe that whatever circumstance comes with their r=marriage they can try to fix it because of their children.