Why Filipino is Good in Speaking English

  • 2019/08/07/
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In the Philippines, the second language that most Filipino speak in English. While the official language in the Philippines is Tagalog. Almost every Filipino know how to speak and understand the English language because it is widely spoken of most Filipino in every part of the country. That is why the Philippines is the best place to visit because one of the most important things when traveling is that the way of communication and for almost people of the Philippines knows how to communicate in English all foreigner visitor has no problem regarding in language barrier.

Important of English Language in the Philippines

English is very important in the Philippines and it is the international language all over the world. At present English is the most useful language in the Philippines. From education, industries, business, employment, and everyday life of Filipino it is very common to speak English to people. English the one of the common language that most Filipino speak and for Filipino people, they are very literate in learning and speaking English.

Filipino can speak and understand English very well because when America colonies the Philippines one of the things they taught to Filipino is to speak English. They also introduce education to the Filipino and sent teachers from America to teach Filipino to speak the English language and learn what the English language is. Until now the English language is one of the main subjects in education today. The English language is the means of communication today and even in the school they communicate through English speaking and have deeper learning in communication skills. Like they teach the right grammar, pronunciation, spelling, and sentence construction.

The Use of the English Language in the Philippines.

  1. It helps many Filipino to be not ignorant if they can go abroad because they really know how to communicate English which is the main language internationally.
  2. With these modern days, you can teach them the English language online without the need to go out and work in a company.
  3. Learning English and studying English is one of the ways for better opportunities.
  4. Filipino who has better English speaking can have more chances to travel in different countries without no worries on how to communicate with foreign people.
  5. The English language is important, especially when applying at the BPO in the Philippines.
  6. The English language is important to one person because it can boost confidence and can also develop ourselves to pursue our dreams.
  7. It is also important that we know how to speak English especially when working abroad
  8. The English language can help children to adopt more learning skills and at this present Filipino children at their age really speak fluently in English
  9.  Speaking fluently in the English language and have knowledge of English grammar can really help a person to have a better job even if they work at home.
  10. Speaking and understanding in the English language can help you to have a conversation or communication to other people even if they are a foreigner.
  11. The English language can help every Filipino to communicate with other people without hesitation because they know how to speak and understand English
  12. The English language can be spoken nationwide and it can be the advancement of all Filipino that they can speak and understand the English language

Reason Why Filipino can Speak English Fluently

One of the reasons why Filipino speak fluently in Engish is that at the very young ages Filipino are exposed in the English language. The second language and most useful language in the Philippines is the English language. Filipino grow with the English spoken language is everywhere like in TV shows, social media, in their school, and especially children now are very exposed too in the English language like their storybooks, the use of modern technology that almost English word and English speaker are there. In the schools that almost private school in the Philippines speaks English as their way of communication with each other. Even when going outside and speak with strange people they also speak English as their way of communication.

Filipino grew up being familiar in speaking English. Especially nowadays that almost Filipino children can speak and understand the English language. They can really speak fluently in English especially they can talk and have a conversation with foreign people. Filipino has really had knowledge in English language decades ago. Before when America came here they teach English subject in the school and teach every Filipino to speak English anytime. Especially inside the schoolroom. Every Filipino must learn and know how to speak English fluently when the time of America colonize the Philippines. And at this present and modern days even if we now a free country we develop and continue the English speaking anywhere. That is why Filipino is good at speaking the English language.

In the Philippines, most of the government documents are all executed in English and also all private company official language is English. Some Filipino usually speaks English than the Tagalog language. They think that speaking and understanding the English language is everywhere they can while speaking the Tagalog language can be used in the Philippines only. A lot of foreign company put the business in the Philippines because they know that Filipino can really speak and understand the English language well. A foreign businessman can easily communicate and understand Filipino people because of they are literate in the English language.

A lot of foreign people go here in the Philippines to studies the English language. Foreign countries like Asian countries have a lot of struggle when in term of English speaking and they really have a little of understanding the English language.


In the Philippines, most Filipino can speak well of the English language. Because Filipino are very exposed to the English language anywhere like watching movies, watching TV shows at home, and the use of modern technology can really help Filipino especially the children to learn very well on speaking the English language. At their very young age, they can speak and understand the English language well because they are open in communication in English and they very engage in watching English story and movies in their tablets or smartphone. Almost all children at present really know how to speak the English language, they know how to read and write English because at their very young ages the pres-school has a subject of English and almost their textbook is written in the English language.

I also notice that Filipino who work abroad has a high opportunity rather than Asian people who do not speak very well in the English language. They have a lot of favored when finding a job in English-speaking countries compare to Asian people. A lot of Filipino who work abroad now have more opportunity to work with other countries they want because of their experience of working abroad.

Filipino is good in speaking and communicating the English language a long time ago. It is not now that they learned it but since 100 years ago. I remember my father that He really speak and understand the English language even though he did not finish high school. I notice that my father can have a conversation with other people by speaking English. My father is comfortable when he speaks English and talking to foreign people without hesitation that his grammar would be wrong. We leave in the province yet he is not ignorance about communicating the English language to everyone. The ancient Filipino before know how to speak English and understand English very well.