Why Filipino Love Sports

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In the Philippines, one of the most important parts of their culture is sports. Filipino young and old are love sports for them it is good for the body and for the soul as well. Being active in the sport in any kind of it is one that helps the body of the people to be more healthy and fresh. Sports is one of the most popular aspects of the countries. One of the most popular sports in the Philippines is basketball. This kind of sports is played by anyone who likes it doesn’t have an age limit as long as you can play it.

What are Sports in the Philippines

For Filipino people sports is one of the best physical activities that can be done or participate by an individual or group of people. Sports can help our body to be physically fit and healthy. It also improves the skills and talent of every person with the different field they excel in. Sports is the movement of the body that brings sweat and physical exhaustion. Sports is a game that can be performed by competition or just simple physical activities only. Sports in the Philippines such as basketball, volleyball, and football are one of the most popular sports at present. Many people like this sports and they really know this kind of sports even for Filipino kids they really love this kind of sports.

In the Philippines, there are traditional sports that most Filipino love like, archery, arnis, horse-riding, wrestling sports, dart sports, and martial arts. This kind of sports was popular before colonial time. However, at present, the most popular now is the boxing sports that the Philippines became most popular around the world with the one and only Manny Pacquiao. He is one of the most popular people in the world because of this kind of sports that he really excels and become the champion. The most played sports in the Philippines is basketball, it captures the hearts of all Filipino with this kind of games of sport. Everyone, even a kid can play basketball.

The Philippines received many awards when it comes to the sports that all Filipino get from a different competition. The Philippines participated in the Olympic sports games and received a different kind of award from different kinds of sport.

The Philippines sports committee has many parts that handle in the different field of sports.  

  • Philippine Olympic Committee. It is a non-government organization.
  • Philippine Sports Commission
  • Department of Sports
  • Philippines Southeast Asian Games
  • Palarong Pambansa
  • Philippine National Game

Most Popular Sports that Filipino Love to do

  1. Basketball. One of the most popular and Filipino favorite sports is basketball. This sport is can complete by Filipino around the world. Many of Filipino play these sports and practice a lot to compete with other countries. There are many Filipino who love these sports and these sports is a fast game and easy to understand the rule. Even young people can play these games anywhere even in the backyard of the house. Basketball can help many Filipino to have a better life if they can play good and become the best player in this kind of sports. Basketball can play anywhere regardless of the ages. It also not expensive games compare to other sports in the Philippines. This sport does not need a large space to play, no maintenance,  no required numbers of players for social games.
  2. Volleyball. Volleyball is one of the list most popular sports in the Philippines. It is one that most women played not only in the sports center but it is also played on the beach and in the backyard of the house.  Volleyball also helps individuals to improve and develop their physical and skills with the right training and experience they can be a good player in this kind of sports.
  3. Boxing. Boxing can play by professional. It is one of the riskiest kind of sports in the Philippines that ones you got mistake your life will be a change in a second. You must be trained well before you a fight in the boxing ring. It is also one of the famous sports in the Philippines and brings honors and dignity of the Filipino when our Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao become one of the most popular and stand out in this kind of sports. There are also a lot of Filipino who give pride in the Philippines like Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde, Ceferino Garcia and a lot more. For Filipino, their kind of boxing without a ring is called “suntukan” it means fighting.
  4. Billards. Billiard is also one of the favorite games of Filipino people and it can be played at any ages as long as you can. Before billard is just an ordinary game or sports that can be played by anyone. But since it becomes popular the government decides to join an international billiard tournament in 2001. At that time the Philippines won some prestigious sports awards in the International Billiard Tournament and proves to other countries that Filipino Efren Bata Reyes is one of the best in billiard. He was called ” the Magician” in this kind of sports. He also awarded as a Hall of Fame from the Billiard Congress of America being the first Asian who win and still become simple and humble despite the victories he has.
  5. Tennis. Tennis is a sport that can be played by two or more players defend on the kind of games. However, it is most likely played by two-person in a competition. In the school and colleges tennis sports become one of the major individual competition that
  6. Soccer. Soccer in the Philippines is not as popular as other sports like basketball and volleyball. However, it can also play by children at the school to practice more and to learn more technique in this kind of sports so that they can play in the Philippines national soccer team but some of this player is played by Filipino-British, Filipino-European, and Filipino-American
  7. Football. Football is one of the most love to watches sport in the world. There are many people who love football all over the world and they love these sports. In the Philippines football sports is not really recognize before but at this present this games is one of the popular game in the Philippines.
  8. Baseball. Baseball games are also played by young Filipino and children at a young age. It is also played in the school and complete internationally. Baseball sports is from America and brought in the Philipines. This sport is the national pastime of American people. Filipinos are good baseball players but somehow it changes because of the lack of support from the government. Like lack of funding, insufficient training facilities and lack of popularity.
  9. Table Tennis. Table tennis is one of the sports that give soo much pride in the Philippines because it gives many gold medals in various international competition. Table tennis is like “ping pong” for Filipino people.
  10. Ice skating
  11. Bowling.
  12. Swimming
  13. Badminton. Badminton in the Philippines is now losing their attention in this kind of sports internationally. It is not also popular like other sports here in the Philippines, however, this kind of sports is played by Filipino even if it is not that popular like others it’s not cost too much when you like playing it with their family because for them playing badminton is one way of their family bonding. Anybody knew how badminton played and it can be played indoors or outdoors.

Local Sports of Filipino

  1. Sungka
  2. Arnis
  3. Sikaran or Martial arts
  4. Sipa
  5. Silat
  6. Palo-Sebo
  7. Pantintero
  8. Chinese Garter


Importance of Sports in the Philippines

Every Filipino love sports and for them it makes them feel okay after doing the sports they really like to do. Filipino even young ones really play games or sports they make them healthy and fit when they doing sports activities especially when they feel stress and exhausted. Sport helps us mentally and physically fit. That’s why almost Filipino have their own sports and activities in their daily life. Sport is one of the things that show us of being a Filipino. Most of Filipino love sports and it is taught not only the school how to play it but also it is taught by our family who really loves sports in a different field.

At present, the Philippines complete in different field of sports and receive different kinds of a medal in different kinds of sport internationally. The Philippines seeks Filipino athletes who have a heart and passion to complete in the Philippines Olympic Internationa and be the next generation to become a champion. The government also support the Philippines Sports Commission to promote the sports and to help all Filipino athletes to train well and encourage them to have a goal to be the Asian champions in different field of the sports.

Sports can bring honor and glory to the country and also to the family of every athlete. It also helps you to make you popular in your chosen field of sports and give encouragement to other young Filipino who like sports. Loving sports and playing it is one of the most important factors that can help our body to be healthy and our mind to relax. It lessens the stressful day helps your inner mind and body to clean up.

Before the sports in the Philippines is commonly played by children like Patintero, Chinese garter, Sungka, and Luksong Tinik or Luksong Baka. This sport is some of the traditional sports in the Philippines that a lot of children playing. Moreover, on this day a lot of different sports are nowhere in the Philippines and Filipino love playing it.