Why it is Important that Filipino Learn English Language

  • 2019/11/19/
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Filipinos, are good at speaking the English language. In the Philippines, most Filipinos are learning to speak in the English language. At their very young age, parents teach their children to speak English and really know how to read and write the English language. Most of them study English and another foreign language for many different reasons. Speaking the English language can give you a career opportunity here and abroad. That is why Filipinos are good at communication in English speaking and it is an international language that people speak all over the world. At present, the English language is very important in how you write, read, and pronounce it very well. We are now in modern ages and most people not only Filipino can speak and understand the English language.

What is the English Language?

The English language is one of the most spoken languages in the entire world. It is the one that people use in communicating with other countries. English is one of the most spoken languages of many countries and it is their second language to speak apart from their national language. The English language starts in England and it is the West Germanic language.

At present, the English language changes and improves. It is now a commonly used language around the world. The English language can connect people in different countries and can help people understand each other by speaking the English language for both parties. The English language is the way for communicating people from a different perspective and help them to understand the culture and traditions of other countries.

The English language can be a very good help to all people from different countries. It was not their national language but it is the most useful language the people use and speak. The English language now is not only on how you know to speak it but on how you write it, understand it, and know the vocabulary in each world and grammar. And also its purpose in speaking on it is how you pronounce it well and in proper word by word.

Why It Is Important That Filipino Can Speak English?

Learning and speaking the English language is important not only to Filipino people but also to all people around the world. Because as of now it is one of the most useful languages around the world. It helps to be knowledgeable to speak the English language so that Filipino people can communicate well especially to other foreign people.

Here in the Philippines, all school has an English subject because they know that English speaking is now one of the most helpful and useful languages that Filipino need to learn. At a very young age, you will notice that children can speak fluently in English. It is our advantage to other countries that most Filipinos can really speak and understand the English language. Filipinos at these present days can easily adapt to the big changes in terms of communication skills. They are now ready for the next level of communicating with other people all over the world because they know how to speak the English language fluently. Filipinos know that speaking the English language can help them to be more confident and can help them to find a job easily.

Good English speaking can boost your personality. It opens many opportunities that can benefit yourself in terms of applying to the job or going to other countries because people anywhere in the world know how to speak and understand the English language. Most Filipinos learn to speak the English language so that in the near future Filipino can do business to a foreign investor. The English subject is now in every school curriculum so that Filipino children start their learning to become a good speaking English in their future.

English Language and its Purpose

The purpose of learning the English language is for us Filipinos to have good speaking skills and communicate with foreign people. Here are important to know how to speak the English language.

  • Education. One of the purposes of learning the English language is that it gives aspects to the education of every young Filipino. We Filipinos are not ignorant in understanding English and also we are capable to communicate well and proper because the school teaches us the tight grammar, word spelling, writing, reading and speaking of the English language.
  • Career. If you are good at speaking English it helps you to be more successful in the career path you do especially when your career is focused on traveling to other different countries.
  • Business. Speaking and understanding the English language is also important in doing business to others especially to foreign people. It best that both of you understand what you really discussing.
  • Communication. Learning and knowing the English language can help you communicate well with others. You don’t need to be ashamed or feel uncomfortable talking to people especially to foreign people. It also helps your confidence to do things without being afraid or read things with understanding.
  • You can access to all. When you know how to speak and read English it will help you to access many things like on the internet, social media, understanding documents that at this present it’s all write in English, gathered information, and lastly, you can do access international information easily.
  • It can help you explore more the culture and traditions of different countries. Having an understanding of the English language and knowing that you can speak it fluently is one of the advancements of Filipino people. They can interact with other countries and explore their culture and tradition of their own land.
  • It helps you to your personal and professional needs.  Speaking the English language can help your personal needs like everything can easily be done in proper if you can read and write the English language. It also boosts your professional goals if you can speak the English language right.
  • It helps you to connect to the global world. Speaking and learning the English language can connect you to the global world because you can easily understand what is happening all around the world when you know how to read, write, understand and speak the English language.
  • It can develop your personality. Learning and still learning the English language can help to develop your personality as a human being. It can help you how to act and speak properly knowing that people around you can speak also the English language. Knowing that you can research how to develop yourself more is one of the best feelings of every person.
  • You can easily adapt the modern technology. If you have knowledge of reading the English language you can easily adapt to the modern technology that we have right now. Because of this present time, all things in this modern technology write in the English language. Like you can enjoy watching the latest and popular international movies, streaming services on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you can also enjoy the Youtube channel and doing games on your gadgets easily because you can understand and read carefully the direction in the English language.
  • You can interact easily with other people outside the country. Speaking the English language is one of the most important if you want to interact with other people outside the country. Dealing business with them is not hard if you know ho to speak fluently in the Engish language.


We all know that Filipinos are good at speaking English. Every child at this modern age is learning on speaking the English language. For Filipino people, there are many benefits to learning the English language. It helps every child to develop their skill in improving their English grammar, English spelling, English pronunciation, English writing, and English speaking. Filipinos can easily communicate with all foreign people because they are best in speaking English. They are good at teaching the English language and become one of the foreigner favorite teachers. Many foreign students came to the Philippines to study and learn the English language, they know that this country serves the best with less cost of expense if you study and stay here.