Why Street Food in the Philippines is Famous

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In the Philippines, there are many good and delicious food that you find in the street and it is much cheaper compared to other food that you can eat or buy in the restaurant. Filipino people love food and for them, the best food that really gives them the craving is street food. They love to eat street food anytime at any place. Because Filipino is unique and different from others they don’t care about what others tell about eating Filipino street foods as long as it is clean and delicious they go for it. Street food can find anywhere here in the Philippines. Every Filipino eat street food and it is one of the most famous food in the Philippines that even foreigner love to try and eat street food.

Street Food in the Philipines

Street food in the Philippines is one of the Filipino favorite food. They love street food because of it easy to ease the hunger at a very low price. Filipino are tight when it comes to budgeting their expenses and in this case, what they do is eat in food with their budget. That is why a lot of Filipino love to eat street food because it is one of the most delicious foods that can afford to buy every Filipino at a lower price.

Kinds of Street Food that Filipino Favorite

  • Fish Balls. One of the most famous street food in the Philippines. This fishball is made of groundfish, egg, corn starch then mixed all of them after that boil it until it cooks. It is delicious with sauces. The most exciting about eating street foods like the fishball is te sauce when the sauces are delicious it really helps the fish to be more yummy and delicious because of it. There are different kinds of sauces for fishball like the spicy sauce it contains vinegar, water, onions, garlic, and hot chili. The sweet sauce contains corn starch, banana ketchup, sugar, and salt. And last is sweet and sour sauces contain cornstarch, water, pineapple, brown sugar, soy sauce.
  • Kikiam. Kikiam is from Chinese cuisine but now it is one of the famous street food in the Philippines. Kikiam is made of fish meat or ground pork and vegetables. The sauces for Kikiam is similar to the fishball and it really gives a delicious taste if the sauce is delicious.
  • Kwek-Kwek. Also one of the popular street food here in the Philippines. It is made of a boiled egg with baking powder, flour, salt, pepper, and food coloring. Kwek-Kwek is made with quail eggs and it is the best served with a sauce similar to fishball and Kikiam.
  • Tokneneng. This street food is like Kwek-Kwek the only difference with the two is that Tokneneng is made with chicken egg while Kwek-Kwek is made by a quail egg. It also needs sauces similar to fishball and Kwek-Kwek.
  • Isaw. The famous street food Isaw is from chicken intestine. First, it is cleaned inside and outside repeating many times and boiled into the water after the Isaw is ready to be grilled using a stick. Best sauces for Isaw is Vinegar with onions, pepper, and chilis.
  • Adidas. One of the best and delicious parts of the chicken is Adidas. Adidas is the chicken feet. Chicken feet are good for the health, immunity, gut health and it also has vitamins and minerals too. Because chicken feet is more on done part it really helps to develop the infant’s skins, nails, and joints. It also has hyaluronic acid and has more collagen than other parts of the chicken. In the Philippines, chicken feet is considered as one of the best delicacies in the country.
  • Turon, Banana Cue, and Kamote Cue. Turon, Banana cue and Kamote cue is not only a street food but for all kinds of food that can be served. Turon is the Tagalog term and it is called banana rolled into brown sugar and spring roll wrap. There are many kinds of Turon that Filipino love to eat. Some of it is wrapped with sugar and jackfruit before it will pride. Turon together with camote cue, banana cue, and maruya are one of the best snack food and street foods in the Philippines. Turon is not popular for street food but it is also popular as a snack food also.
  • Betamax. Betamax is one of the street food that Filipino love to eat. Betamax is chicken blood or pork blood. It boiled and cut into cubes before it will be grilled. It is a classic Filipino food that you find in the street. It is also served with a sauce of spicy with vinegar with onions, pepper, and garlic.
  • Balunbalunan. Balunbalunan is called gizzard, it also is a digestive tract of a chicken. If chicken feet has many benefits in our body also the Balunbalunan has its benefits. Like it has protein, nutrient, and low in cholesterol.
  • Pork Barbeque. The street food that Filipino all-time favorite is pork barbeque. It is marinated with BBQ sauce before it will be grilled. Pork barbeque is not only popular as street food but also is always present on any occasion and gatherings of Filipino family.
  • Squid ball. Squid balls are also one of the Filipino favorite street foods. Especially it is more delicious with a sauce similar to fishball and Kikiam. Squid balls have many different kinds of ingredients depend on you. But if you buy it on the street it made on ordinary ingredient but still, it tastes good because of the sauce they made.

Reason Why Filipino Love Street Food

All Filipino are food lovers especially when it is not expensive but it is delicious. Filipino street food is available anytime and anywhere that is why Filipino love to eat street food because they can find it anywhere. Street food requires no big amount as long as you have the money you can eat street food as much as your budget is enough. Street food is for everyone. It is common for the Filipino that street food is one of their favorite food. Once you see street food outside and everybody is their eating you too will attempt to join them and eat street food also.

In the Philippines, street food is available anywhere. You can see it outside the school, outside the church, in the park, and anywhere you go you can see at st the side of the street.

  1. Street food is cheaper
  2. It easy to customize food everything you want is already ready to eat.
  3. It gives satisfaction every time you eat street food that you cannot find in the restaurant.
  4. You can feel awkwardness when you eat street food not like when you when to a fine restaurant that some of them think if you have money in the pocket.
  5. You feel like you are in your childhood day because street food is one of the children love to eat.
  6. No need to spend too much money yet you feel full and satisfied
  7. When you see it in the street you have no choice but to stop and be like them eating in the street with happy tummy after. Because of the smell that makes you decide to stop and enjoy eating.
  8. You always have fun when eating street foods at any time.
  9. You can eat street food in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  10. The important reason is that experience is best when you eat street food and enjoying the moment with delicious food.
  11. It easy to eat because you don’t need to wait for long for your turn.
  12. Eating street food with your friends is one of the reasons for your bonding time even if both of you don’t have much money to spend.

Advantage and Disadvantage on Eating Streets Food

When eating street foods first you must see if the stall has a lot of customers it means that their food is good and you will not get poison because some people finish while you just started eating. Street food is one of the popular and favorite food of the Filipino. However, eating street food has an advantage and disadvantage.

The advantage of eating street food is that first, it is very affordable, and it cost at a very low price that every Filipino can buy it anywhere and anytime. Street food can also find in the table of the Filipino family for their dinner or lunch because when they cannot cook food for the member of the family they buy street food and they all satisfied because it is deliciously ready to eat food. Also, street food is good for the body but not all the times. Furthermore, eating street food can help you support the great people behind it. You know that you can help a person who is really working hard for the future of their family. Because we all know that selling food in the street is a reputable job that admirable. One more advantage is that you are true Filipino if you already eat street food because street food is the all-time favorite of all Filipino and they love it.

The disadvantage of eating street food is that it can make you sick because some of the street food has bacteria without your knowledge especially if you not immune to eating street food. So be careful if your body can resist the risk of eating street foods. Street food is lack of quality that is why it is not safe 100 percent. Also when you eat street food be ready to smell some dab odor outside the street. The place is not good like when you eat at the restaurant.


For me I also proud that I eat street and I love it. The taste is delicious and it really affordable. A lot of Filipino really like street food and at this present, all local government checks the stall of the street food if they can pass the cleanliness and if the food they sell is also clean and no one can get harm upon eating it. Being simple is what a Filipino is known for and being quite unique is also one of the trademarks of the Filpino people. I know a lot of Filipino who really enjoy love eating street food. Today street food is not only found in the street but also they can be found in the Mall. Some malls have a store for street food because they know that this kind of food is what Filipino like to eat so they put up some stall only for street food that most people buy and eat.