Why Taxi in the Philippines has a Bad Image

  • 2019/12/20/
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Here in the Philippines, there are many changes and a lot of new things to do because of modern technology and its uses. One of the major changes here is the means of transportation and how it’s gonna work as fast, easy, and in a more comfortable way. However, at this day taxi in the Philippines has a bad image to those people who experience to ride in a rude attitude of those taxi driver and who charge overprice on their transportation fee. In the Philippines, metered taxi is one of those in-demand means of transportation before especially that Filipino rider can afford to pay the taxi fare and they prepared to ride in the taxi because before taxi is one of the most comfortable transportation that Filipino passenger use. But somehow it’s gonna change because modern technology is coming and it uses now for a better and more comfortable way of means of transportation.

What is Transportation in the Philippines?

Transportation in the Philippines is a very important factor in the life of Filipino people. They give services and bring you to the destination you are going to. In metro manila, there are many means of transportation available like buses, jeepney, pedicab, train, taxi, motor vehicle, tricycle and at present, there is now a grab taxi that uses apps for its purposes. Everywhere you go need transport so that all the destination you want to travel will be easy and fast. However, Taxi can be found anywhere especially in Metro Manila. It is an expensive means of transportation compare to other public transportation because of the services that Taxi can serve to their passengers like it is air-conditioned and easy to find anywhere in the city and can travel also anywhere.

Furthermore, transportation in the Philippines is much more stressful because of the heavy traffic that Filipinos can encounter in their everyday life. Especially if you are living in the city you will feel exhausted because of the traffic that you need to travel and it consumed your time so much. Public transportation here in the Philippines can sometimes.

A taxi driver here in the Philippines works 24 hours in the city. It is also one of the means of public transportation in the country. If there is an advantage of riding in a taxi in the Philippines there is also a disadvantage of it. It is not always good to experience when you ride a taxi in the Philippines because of those taxi drivers who are rude and taking advantage of their passengers. However, at this present time, there is grab a car that is more comfortable and safe to ride compared to a taxi. It is less stressful to find because it only uses apps to book. This grab car will arrive at your doorsteps at any minute and take you to your destination. It is now one of the in-demand transport here in the Philippines.

The problem that you may encounter on riding a taxi in the Philippines

  • When you want to find a taxi at rush hours it is definitely hard to find and to ride a taxi. They might ask for the increase of fare or rather they might just ignore you.
  • Taxi in the Philippines is more expensive compared to other public transport
  • When you came from the airport and you want to ride in a taxi it is very expensive when the taxi driver collects from you.
  • Riding in a taxi can wait for you for too long while standing especially when you at the mall and you choose to ride in a taxi.
  • Some taxi driver is abusive and  opportunist
  • One of the problems, when you ride to a taxi as your means of transportation is the driver because many of them choose the destination you’re going to. If your place is far away some of them would not pick you and they just ignore you.
  • One of the problems also when riding in a taxi is that their metered taxi fare is not correct. Some of the drivers still ask for an added fee even if they have a meter taxi fare. If you don’t pay with their demand they did not let you out inside their taxi.
  • There is also a driver who is not capable of driving because sometimes they are drunk.
  • Sometimes the taxi driver is not safe to ride inside their taxi because they have malice in their passenger.
  • Also if you forget your luggage in the tank of the taxi car the driver will not give it back to you. Some of the Filipino taxi drivers are tempted not to give it back the luggage to their passenger especially if they know that there is an item that really expensive and they can use it.
  • They also taking advantage of those foreign people to overprice their taxi fare.
  • Riding a taxi in the Philippines is not always safe. Sometimes your life may be at risk especially if you encounter a taxi driver with physiological problems.

Filipino Taxi Drivers Disadvantage

Filipino taxi driver has more on bad image compare on having a good image to people here and abroad. Because of those few taxi drivers who really enjoying doing bad things rather than work with dignity. However, there is still some Filipino taxi driver who really work hard and be a good example to others. To give a good service to people and there are also some drivers that are courteous and respectful to their passengers. Some Filipino taxi driver is now getting bash because of the other bad image and the services that they put in the mind of Filipino commuters are not really helpful for some taxi drivers who give a good service to their passenger. With the attitude of being rude, some passengers did not want to ride in a taxi and choose the other option even if it cost a little bit expensive like grab car because they know that riding in a grab car is safer and the driver is more respectful compared to taxi driver who always has a bad image to Filipino people and also to foreign people.

There are many disadvantages that people see in the driver of a taxi here in the Philippines.

  1. Filipino taxi driver has a bad image for those people who usually ride in a taxi and experience the poor services given by a taxi driver to them.
  2.  The taxi driver in the Philippines is driving a very old taxi that is why people would not choose them because of the kind of car they use as transportation.
  3. Some taxi operators own and operate an old car that really looks a mess to all passengers. For them, they still give an old car to their driver while they can buy a new one.
  4. The taxi driver is usually rude to their passenger and it is one of their disadvantages because people will not satisfy the way they give service and it is spread to others how they treat bad to their passengers.
  5. Also one of the problems that the taxi driver has is their behavior. Not like grab a taxi that they must be attended and train before they can drive a car to apply in Grab Philippines. Grab CarPhilippines is a private vehicle owned and operated by the owner itself and a member of a Grab Philippines. It is used with the apps and easy to book and to ride.
  6. Because of the old car of a taxi driver in the Philippines, some of the passengers rejected them and usually book in a Grab car.


Here in the Philippines, Filipino drivers have one of the most important roles in our society. They are everywhere and moving around to drive us and send our products or our needs in our home, offices, and everywhere we are. On the other hand, we Filipinos are practically ridden in a taxi before but somehow it changes are view when something bad happens to people close to us especially to our family who have a bad experience in riding a taxi. Not all taxi driver is bad only a few of them and some Filipino taxi drivers still give respect and good services to their passenger. Most of them especially the old taxi driver is very accommodating and you can really talk to them with respect because they become a driver since they are at the ages of the twenties and until they have family and become a grandfather they still drive a taxi and raise their family with honor.

Before the taxi is the most popular and useful means of transportation in the Philippines. They give a good service, a pleasure to everyone, and very gentlemen to all their passengers. You always feel safe and comfortable when you ride in a taxi before. But somehow things change, at this present time and through the use of modern technology with the kind of apps that people discover it is now more easy and more safety to ride in grab cars than choose to ride in a taxi. Because of those bad news that every now and then you can hear on a radio, watch on the television and read in the newspapers. A lot of bad happening that mostly those Filipino taxi drivers are involved in doing bad to their passenger. There is a case of rape, some experience molestation, some are experiencing a holdup, and others have a lot to complain against the taxi drivers who did some bad things to them or sometimes ask a higher fare that is obviously not right.

Mostly and importantly some of the taxi drivers are the first person that foreign people meet at the airport and they are there mostly at the bus terminal and piers. They are the ones that people still use even if some of them scared to ride in a taxi because of the bad image that most of their fellow taxi drivers did to other passengers. like the report of overcharging, outright robbery and sometimes their behavior. But at the end of the day, there are still good Filipino taxi drivers who you can trust and still willing to help you to find your way if you’re not familiar with the place you’re going to.