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  • 2015/11/13/
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Codrops: Tympanus


Best Web Design Tutorials – First and foremost Codrops offer the highest quality web design tutorials I have found on the Internet! There – I said it. Each tutorial is beautifully designed and Mary and Pedro are using all the latest technology tricks to make them look awesome.

As a web designer or developer I highly recommend coming to this site to keep learning new hacks and trends.



Fun reading – even though I don’t know Chris personally, it feels like we are buddies because of how open he is on his sites.

It’s quite an experience to just keep browsing through CSS-Tricks.



Speckyboy is the first web design blog (as far as I know) that has a dedicated iPhone and iPad app. If you have an Apple device, you definitely should try it out.

Come here for light and enjoyable reading about web design trends, different cool tools and web design inspiration. Some great traditions include Weekly Design News, Deal of the week and Weekly Web & Mobile Creativity.

Smashing Magazine


Here, you’ll read some of the highest quality and most advanced articles about web design.

This blog focuses mainly on the following topics: Coding, Design, Mobile, Graphics, UX Design, WordPress