We aim to deliver quality websites!

We aim to deliver quality websites!

We have been making and working on many corporate websites, Landing page (campaign site), WordPress production and operation. We will do our best to help and provide you quality service to build a website that achieves your goals and purpose.

Our Services

We have produced a wide variety of websites ranging from IT business, medical care, nursing care, construction, restaurants and many more.


We offer the design according to your needs. Our skilled and expert team will express a design based on your brand, purpose and inspirations. Also, please do not hesitate to consult with us on web banner or advertising web ad production.

  • Responsive websites
    Point 1Responsive websites

    It has become a norm to browse websites with smartphones, but many websites still just adjust their size, making it feel like you’re still browsing on a PC, that is not user friendly. Responsive design is essential, We will propose a layout that is flexible for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Cross Browser Check
    Point 2Cross Browser Check

    We are very strict when it comes to consistency from design to code. Our usual browser check will make sure that whatever browser a visitor use there will be no problem.

  • Website Renewal
    Point 3Website Renewal

    “I want to change a design while keeping the contents, I also want to request the change of layout”. If the content are the same there is no need to prepare new content text, also you can check the layout first based on the provided wire frame.

Web DevelopmentWeb Development

We also accept html coding service needs, just provide us the design data (PSD, AI) and we’ll handle the design to HTML conversion for you.

  • HTML5, CSS3 W3C compliant
    Point 1HTML5, CSS3 W3C compliant

    Coding with a sense of meaning or semantic that is what we aim, choosing the right HTML tag for its meaning and purpose. CSS3 expressions such as shadows, radius and animation for your website is possible.

    ※For browser support, We support latest version of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

    ※Please consult if you want your website to still support older IE browsers.

  • Jquery
    Point2 Compatible with a wide variety of jQuery libraries

    In the creation of websites, functions such as sliders, tab switching, parallax, accordion etc., are now essential. For customers who wish a little unique taste to their website, we can propose actions that are close or exact to your requested effect and function as much as possible.

  • Strict Internal Regulation
    Point 3Strict Internal Regulation

    We have a very thorough coding regulations. We maintain our production quality by providing essential feedback to our staff. Since the source is easy to see and read, it is even possible for the customer to edit it after delivery.

WordPressWordPress Integration

The CMS (Content Management System) is a system that helps you update your content easily even having little to no knowledge on coding. Among them, WordPress is a reliable system that boasts its position as the no1. CMS.

  • Providing necessary functions
    Point 1Providing necessary functions

    The function you use depends on what you need. We will be listening to what our customers really need, and implement the proper needed functions.

  • Customization based on customers needs.
    Point 2Customization based on customers needs.

    In order to avoid the trouble of updating a request for different function. Implementation will be discussed with the customer. If the case is that it is better to have a specific function. We could propose to implement the new function or suggest an alternative , we are flexible on this matter.

  • We will provide free manual
    Point 3We will provide free manual

    People who use WordPress for the first time are also safe. Regarding the implemented functions, we will give you a free manual that is appropriate for your website functions

Web MaintenanceWeb Maintenance

If you create a website, we can help you preserve your investment by putting together a website maintenance plan to keep your website secure, online and up to date. Cost adjustment is possible based on what services is needed such as conducting wording correction, image processing, content addition etc.

  • Payment per month.  Inquire through our website
    Point 1Payment per month. Inquire through our website

    We will propose a fee that takes into consideration the time it takes for minimal adjustments and corrections. If there was a month in which no correction occurred, it can be carried forward to the next month!

  • Selecting Images
    Point 2Selecting Images

    There are times you have an idea of an image, but cannot be use because of its quality or you just don’t have time to search, no worry we will help you search and select the right images that fits your description.

  • Servers and Domain management requirements
    Point 3Servers and Domain management requirements/span>

    “I talked to a contracting server company, but I do not know what he means because there are too many technical terms, also the contracting server service is bad and I want to change etc.” In case of any troubles regarding on domain and server management. We will gladly help you out.

SEO ServicesSEO Services


We will analyze your website and take appropriate measures to raise your ranking in search engines. In addition, if you have concerns regarding SEO, please feel free to contact us.

SEO ServicesInternet Advertising


In the Philippines Online advertising industry, the Social networking services (SNS) mainly focuses on Facebook advertisement platform which is the latest popular mainstream. We will handle the targeting, advertisement sentencing, research and creatives in order to provide you with your advertising needs in a unique and creative way in which are adjusted according to the Filipino audiences in order to be able to attract the right customers to your website.

We also operate “google Ads” services to display your advertisements on search engines.