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(EN) Five Easy to use jQuery Tabs Plugins

Tabs have long been a part of website usability mostly for navigation purposes.
The options to divide different contents into a single section of a page is amazing, not only does it saves screen space but it also provides users an easy way to access the content that they are interested in, rather than having them scroll all the way to their desired content.

Here is the list of Five Easy to use jQuery Tabs Plugins that will surely give you an idea or be inspired in integrating tabs to your next project.


 jQuery Tab – Simple Responsive Tabs


A simple plugin that provides a simple fade transition effect when selecting other tabs. This also provides a responsive version of the tabs that changes into an accordion when it  reached a certain breakpoint.

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AccordionTab – Simple jquery tabs


This plugin provides Vertical and Horizontal tabs layout for you to choose, as well as keeping the same responsive concept that changes tabs into an accordion.

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Easy Responsive Tabs to Accordion


The plugin demo show what it can do right off the bat. Here is a list of features on what this plugin can do.

  • Horizontal / Vertical Tabs to Accordion
  • Tabs and accordion are created entirely with jQuery
  • Supports multiple sets of tabs on same page
  • Cross browser compatibility (IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)
  • Multi device support (Web, Tablets & Mobile)
  • Link directly to specified tab (works with multiple instances)
  • Maintains state of tabs when navigating away from page and then returning using back or forward (if browser supports the History API)
  • Nested tabs


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jQuery Tabulous JS


Well let’s just say this one is great when it comes to simplicity, making this one of the easiest  jQuery Tabs Plugins to use. Too bad it looks like the tabs to accordion is not on this one.

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And here comes the last one on the list. This plugin provides excellent transition from one color to another as well as variation of its design. check out the codepen here.

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I hope this helps anyone that has reach his way here. Thanks.

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