(English) Ortigas Center, One of the most Traffic Place

  • 2017/05/25/
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The importance to know the traffic in Ortigas Center every day is more helpful for those people working in this area.  We all know that one of the Philippine Government problems is traffic in Metro Manila.

One of the main reason why people late to their works is because of the traffic. We all know that many of us work in Ortigas Center traveling far from our house to our offices. Ortigas Center is one of the city that cost a lot of traffic before you can get there. There’s a lot of business and organization located in Ortigas Center, Philippines.

Where to find?

Ortigas Center is located at the boundaries of Pasig, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City in the Philippines. It is accessible to all of us because Ortigas Center has many business establishments, commercial establishments, and condominiums. Everything is in Ortigas like a place that you want to stay or live in there’s a lot of Hotels and restaurants that easy to go with. If you want to relax or to take a break in your work you can easily walk and go to a place that you want to, like shopping mall, bars, spa or sports places. Ortigas is the centers of all the cities in National Capital Region.

Route of traffic

If you are on the side of Quezon city or North side you will encounter a heavy traffic before reaching in Ortigas, why because EDSA and C5 ( E Rodrigues Jr. Ave)is the main road that everyone passes through going to Makati, Pasig, Taguig and Pasay. Likewise, if you are on the side of Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Pasay Makati or South side and you’re going North side or in the Quezon City, you pass through Edsa and C5 (Libis) area. That’s why it cost a heavy traffic going Ortigas.

Places in Ortigas that is most traffic.

However, Ortigas itself is a traffic hero. It’s very traffic before you can reach inside Ortigas especially at rush hour. Many of us stayed on the traffic for almost an hour before going to our offices located inside Ortigas. It’s a waste of time waiting for us to move on because of a traffic jam. If you are in the area of C5 Libis going to Ortigas Ave it almost 30 mins before you can enter in Ortigas Center especially going to the Mega Mall area. Mega Mall is one of the main reason why its traffic especially when sale.If you are going to Ortigas you can avoid going to Julia Vargas going to Mega Mall, Ortigas Ave going to Meralco Ave. ADB Ave to San Miguel Ave , San Miguel Ave to Mega Mall exit to EDSA.

Another way to avoid traffic

The least we can do to avoid traffic when going to Ortigas is to travel early at  5:00 am and leave to your offices late in the evening. We should not travel at rush hour mostly traffic time is 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon till 8:00 at night. Or maybe we can use MRT-Ortigas station for the better way not to encounter traffic.

Way to go to Ortigas

Via Metro Railway Transit (MRT) along EDSA

If you are coming from North Ave in Quezon City or EDSA-Taft Avenue, you can opt to ride MRT Line3. It’s the fastest way you can take a ride because you cannot encounter traffic. You can get off to MRT Ortigas station or Shaw Boulevard station and take a walk to your destination or you can ride an FX going to Ortigas.

Via Jeepney

There are jeepneys from Cainta junction going to EDSA Central. You can get off at Meralco Ave and walk towards your destination. Walking is good for our health. The result, less traffic and more time to go to our work early and not to be late.

Via Bus

If you are from northbound you can a ride a bus passing through EDSA going to Ayala or Baclaran however if you are coming from southbound you can ride a bus passing through to Fairview or Monumento

Via FX

You can ride a Fx going to Mega Mall in any place, like if you are in Quiapo there a Fx going to Megamall, Pasig, Junction, Antipolo, Marikina and Shaw Boulevard. Many employees come from Marikina work here ate Ortigas and FX or UVexpress is one of the suitable transportation they use it is fast and one ride only if you came to Marikina going to Ortigas. But you’re not exempted not to encounter traffic every day if you work in Ortigas.

Via Taxi

Whenever you are in metro manila, you can take a ride through taxi and take you directly to your destination or at your workplaces.


Via Uber Car or Grab Car

These are the most convenient way of transportation because they can pick you up in the place exactly the way you want and take you to your destination fast, safe and easy. Most people take this option for their safety and they feel relax and respected whether they use Uber car and Grab car. Uber Car and Grab car are most useful and helpful especially if you ride late at night.

Traffic between the Philippines and other Country

One of the main problems of our government is traffic. Why? Becuase here in the Philippines most of us have our own car. Even if we don’t have our own parking in our house. For instance, one family have 2 or more car that’s one of the reasons why it cost traffic, a lot of car in the street. Other parks their car outside their house that’s why the street we pass through is crowded and it cost a traffic. Also in the Philippines, we have many cars, people are so sentimental of everything even if it’s old things that did not useful to use we cannot just throw it or sell it. Like having an old car we cannot just sell it or leave it to junk shop if it’s not running. Most people use their old car even if not good to use.  Not like other countries if their car is old for like 5 years and above they have to replace it with a new one. They don’t really have to own many cars in one family. And the street they passing through is wide enough to accommodate all their cars. Not like in the Philippine, the road or street is too small to pass all the vehicles.