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Three great articles on Psychology of Colors

When designing, Color has always been an essential part of the design process, providing us the ability to entice or invoke emotion and feelings towards a brand or company depending on what color we use.

Choosing the right colors to use on a project or brand is essential in achieving visual consistency, and should always or as much as possible be focus on what the brand or company stands for.

So here is a compilation of articles focusing on Psychology of Colors – idea, concept, research and much more.


Color Psychology: Does It Affect How You Feel?


This article by  Kendra Cherry discusses on what is (this text is already on the title above). A very interesting article and I would recommend reading it.

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The Ultimate Guide To Using Color Psychology In Marketing + Free Color Schemes


Another color psychology article but more on marketing.  This is an excellent read for designers that wanted to know more about colors and how to improve oneself on designing and choosing the right colors. This article would greatly help us designers, cause I believe marketing has always been a part of design. I would also recommend reading this one.

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The Complete Guide to Understand Customer Psychology


Yes, another psychology article. Now that we have gained a grasp on what Color is and how to use it for marketing, I think now is the time for us to understand our customers, the consumers and ourselves.

I recommend reading this one and I must say this is my favorite out of the three, since the title states that this is “The Complete Guide”…. or is it?

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